June 10, 2023

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Roma Primavera win the Coppa Italia: Fiorentina win 2-1 after extra time – Forzaroma.info – Latest News Roma Football Cup – Interviews, photos and videos

Guidi and Aquilani face off in the final challenge for the prestigious cup. The viola is chasing the fifth prize in a row

there Rome spring triumphs in the final chapter of Italian cup. Gilorossi are you driving They face and defeat Aquilani 2-1, who were looking for their fifth title in a row. In Rome, the trophy has been missing since 2017. The first half ended 0-0 with formation Aquilani making herself dangerous on several occasions. the whole other Rome In the second half, a beautiful shot Cherub which is close to recording. In the 75th minute Fiorentina remained in 10: comoso makes a mistake Cherub Which cost him a second yellow card. We go into extra time, Roma immediately takes the lead with a goal Misitano. A few minutes later, Fiorentina equalized thanks to a goal he scored Krastev. But in the 116th minute of the match, Keramitsis takes care of closing the accounts. The yellow-headed young man does not forgive Martinelli and scores on a cross Cherub. Roma Primavera are the Italian Cup winners in their category.

Primavera, Fiorentina Roma: Official Lineups

Fiorentina (3-5-2): Martinelli; Lucchesi, Krastev, Comuzzo; Amatochi, Bertie, Harder, Favasole, Kayode; Tosi, Di Stefano trainer: Aquilani

available: Tognetti, Dolfi, Elia, Biagetti, Romani, Capasso, Sene, Presta, Chiesa, Vigiani, Nardi, Ievoli, Gentile, Spaggiari

Roma (3-4-2-1): my country. Keramitsis, Vaticante, Chisti; Missouri, Biselli, Delicio, Cherubini; Cassano, Pagano; Badulla

available: Razumjevs, Del Bello, Faubert Jacquemin, Ivkovic, Vitcal, Pellegrini, Misitano, Majscherzak, Silva, Ruggero, Lukema, Valaska, Polzan, Guelich, Malakar

to rule: Joseph Colo Assistants: Giuseppe Trichetta and Federico Bragliola Fourth man: Luca Churchi

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Scorers: Misitano (91′), Krastev (96′), Keramitsis (114 inches)