June 2, 2023

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Lukaku at Inter, Inzaghi’s intervention was decisive. But Dybala is now in standby mode: the reasons

Simon’s intervention would have been decisive irritable Pay Stephen Chang to re-launch negotiations with Chelsea To bring Romelu back to Milan lukakuThe investment that the Nerazzurri coach considers the most important for his second season at the helm lovable. according to Gazzetta.it, The pressure on the former Lazio, who was yesterday at the headquarters with all the staff, persuaded the club to draft a new offer for blues €7 million plus 2 annual loan bonuses. Economic effort necessary even at the expense of participation Suspension The other issue is one step away from the definition, that of Paolo Dybalaexplain colleagues Rosy: Operation is now stopped because reflections are underway on the attacking park, too crowded in case d returnsThe Big Room. “If Sanchez was somehow accompanied by a welcome severance pay, Marotta and Ausilio didn’t find any interest around Europe about Korea and movements around Dzeko They are very shy (last Valencia). That is why Inter cannot and does not want to push for Dybala now. Marotta was supposed to meet with the Argentine’s entourage between today and tomorrow, but no date has been set: it is difficult for something to happen this week. In short, for this marriage, we have to wait,” we read.

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