Follow ATP Beijing Live. The wrongdoer wins and moves forward

Follow ATP Beijing Live.  The wrongdoer wins and moves forward

Beijing, China)Yannick Siner And Lorenzo Musetti They qualify for the second round of China Open, ATP 500, which is held on the hard courts of the Beijing Olympic Green Tennis Center. South Tyrol Taking the field against Daniel Evans In a difficult race, he eventually prevailed and was victorious 4-6, 7-6, 3-6. Carrarino overtook the Russians Karen Khachanovdefeated in Three sets (6-3, 1-6, 6-2). Watch today’s live broadcast.

2.10 pm

ATP Beijing, three Italians in the second round

I am Three Italian tennis players admitted to Second round (Round of 16) from China Open: Yannick Siner, Lorenzo Musetti And Matteo Arnaldicoming from qualificationsThey cleared the first hurdle in the main draw of Beijing.

2 pm

Sinner, Shang, or Nishioka in the second round

to’South Tyrol He spent it hard Daniel Evans Now he is setting his sights on qualifying artificial intelligence Quarter-finals: 22 years old from San Candido You will have to overcome one of the Juncheng Shang And Yoshihito Nishioka. The Japanese are in the lead 4-1 In the third and decisive group.

1.45 pm

Musetti and the danger of Alcaraz in the second round?

The qualification letter has been archived, Lorenzo Musetti It is expected that the next round ofATP Beijing. Fresh from the new success achieved against the Russians Khachanov,l’Discount del carrarino al Second round It will appear from the comparison between No. 2 in the world, Carlos AlcarazAnd German Yannick HanfmannNo. 53 in the ranking.

1.37 pm

Musetti defeats Khachanov and advances to the second round

Carrarino beats the Russian Three sets (6-3, 1-6, 6-2) After nearly two hours of play the pass was cut to Second round Subordinate China Openwhich is currently being held on the hard courts of the Beijing Olympic Green Tennis Centre.

1.31 pm

Musetti, here we go: 5-2!

the Carrarino He carries joke to Advantages And Promotes rest: the Eligible In the second round it is now A a step!

1.25 pm

Musetti “sees” the second round: 4-2!

break From Carrarino who won a race Sixth match From the third part and begins to look at Eligible!

1.20 pm

Musetti width: 3-2

Carrarino steps up 40-0Only one gives 15 A Khachanov And it recovers feature.

1.17 pm

Khachanov equalizes the score: 2-2

The Russian drowns 0-30 But with a series of First surgeries He managed to win B Basic game For the economy of the match.

1.12 pm

Musetti there: 2-1

the Carrarino Take advantage of some Frequency to Khachanov And come back.

1.10 pm

Khachanov does not give up: 1-1

Solid game For Russian, concluded in zero For the third time in a row. Equality has been restored.

1.07 pm

Musetti started well in the third set: 1-0

Excellent start Carrarino in the third group: holds joke Although a Double fault.

12.59 pm

Khachanov takes the second set

The Russian wins The second group was aggressiveWith a difficult one 6-1. The inertia of the game completely changed in favor Khachanovwith Mosetti Who must now find the form of the first group to achieve victory.

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12.57 pm

Second break for Khachanov 5-1

The Russian is increasingly controlling the second set, even finding the ball Second break.

12.49 pm

Khachanov wastes no time, serving to zero

Quick match with the Russians ahead 4-1 Not giving up a single point.

12.47 pm

Musetti responded 3-1

Blue holds the transmission Avoid the second break.

12.42 pm

Khachanov confirms the break 3-0

The Russian is still quite ahead Perfects From this second group until now.

12.38 pm

Musetti starts poorly, Khachanov 2-0

The Russian started well in the second set, holding serve and immediately gaining the advantage break. He has already invited Musetti to return.


Musetti wins the first set!

The blue color ends with the first serve and He won the first set 6-3. Now for the second set, which could really be decisive if Musetti maintains this level.

12.26 pm

Break my mousse! Now 5-3

Impeccable defense with the final blue foul by the Russian who delivers The second break is in Musettiis now working on closing this first group.

12.18 pm

Mosetti reaction, zero service!

Musetti holds serve at zeroWho leads again with a score of 4-3.

12.16 pm

Khachanov draws 3-3

last Game for Khachanov, which keeps the joke going. The inertia of the match changes completely, now in favor of the Russian. Mosetti You must react.

12.13 pm

Khachanov shortens 3-2

Anti-penetration Russian, which reduces the defect. Musetti fights back but eventually has to concede the break.


Musetti confirms the break 3-0

Keeps the joke Mosetticonfirming that the lead was broken.


Break my mousse! Now 2-0

The start of screaming Mosettiwhich he finds immediately break. Khachanov He tries and cancels it once, but then Carrarino manages to complete the job.

11.43 am

Musetti immediately took a 1-0 lead

Musetti holds the servicewhich also finds the first ace of the match.


Musetti and Khachanov on the field

The warm-up for both teams has ended: The challenge begins in the first round of the China Open.


Musetti, the next potential opponent

Winner between Musetti and Khachanov The winner of the challenge will challenge Ben Carlos Alcaraz or German Yannick Hanfmann.

11.25 am

Musetti, tough challenge against Khachanov

Instant discount It’s hard for Lorenzo MusettiWho will challenge the Russian in a few minutes KhachanovNo. 14 in the rankings and fresh off a win at the ATP 250 tournament in Chengdu.

11.17 am

Rublev beats Nouri, now Musetti!

The challenge is finally over Rublev and NouriWith the Russian qualifying to the second round. Now it’s time to Musetti vs. Khachanov.


Rublev-Nuri is about to finish

The Russian is ahead in the last group 4-2: Getting ready MosettiWhich could enter the field soon.

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Musetti fresh from the semi-finals in Chengdu

For the first time in China Open to Lorenzo Musettiwhich has recently risen to semi final of ATP Chengdudefeated Drto Russian Safiulin.

10.26 am

Rublev-Nouri in the third group

He’ll have to wait longer MosettiThe challenge between Rublev and Nouri continues until the third and decisive set.


The wrongdoer wins but worries the fans

Hard-won victory For South Tyrol, who after falling on the field I shook my head Which makes fans worry about him conditions. (Read all)

10 o’clock

An unprecedented challenge for Musetti

There are no precedents between Khachanov and Musetti: So there will be one on concrete in Beijing New challenge.


Now it’s Musetti’s turn!

After the challenge is over between Rublev and Nouri, the second Italian today, will make their debut at the China Open in a match that will not be easy against them Karen KhachanovNo. 14 in the ATP rankings who achieved success at the ATP 250 tournament in Zhuhai just three days ago.


Wrong, second round opponent

In the second round, the Italian tennis player will face the winner of the match between Junqing Shang and Yoshito Nishioka, who will play later today.


The wrongdoer wins the game!

In a match full of ups and downs, Sinner eventually closed out the third set with a 3-6 win.


Evans Sinner 3-5

After an endless game, the sinner wins the point and will now serve in the match.


Fall of the sinner!

Blue slides in trying to get back at Evans. Grazing on the right knee of the South Tyrol tennis player who now needs medication.


Evans Sinner 3-4

This is a match of great importance for Sinner who now takes the lead in this third and decisive set.


Evans Sinner 3-3

Evans has completed his comeback and Sinner now appears to face another moment of difficulty.


Evans Sinner 2-3

Another back kick from the Briton, breaking his counter.


Evans Sinner 1-3

The first match was also won by the Briton, who did not give up the match


Evans Sinner 0-3

Sinner blasts the ball with a crazy kick and immediately afterwards scores the point that allows him to win the match.


Evans Sinner 0-2

Great shot from Sinner gives strong reaction signals.


Evans Sinner 0-1

Despite the physical difficulties, the tennis player from South Tyrol was able to win the first match of the third set.


Wrong in difficulty

Some physical issues for Sinner who has already had to stop twice to do some stretching exercises.


Evans wins the second set!

Evans puts the exclamation point on the tiebreakers by prevailing 7-2. Sinner, who looked one step away from winning the match, now faces difficulty.

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Evans Sinner 6-6

Blue holds serve at zero and thus the tiebreak will determine the fate of the second set.


Evans Sinner 6-5

The British got through with Sinner losing the last twelve points played. Instant blue power outage.


Evans Sinner 5-5

The first break was suffered in this match by Sinner, who was overwhelmed by the British in this match, complicating his life one step away from the finish line.


Evans Sinner 4-5

The match was well managed by the British player who remained on the heels of the blue player who would now serve.


Evans Sinner 3-5

A very fast match with the blue player holding serve and regaining the double lead.


Evans Sinner 3-4

A lengthy exchange in this match was won by Evans while maintaining Sinner’s lead.


Evans Sinner 2-4

Evans was literally overwhelmed by the thrashing of the Blue Team who now led by two in the second set.


Evans Sinner 2-3

A game for the British player who takes advantage of Sinner’s error in the final match with a backhand that ends up in the fairway.


Evans Sinner 1-3

Big authority from the blue player who extended his advantage on the break by winning the longest play of the match.


Evans Sinner 1-2

Winning a forehand from Sinner who, with his compass on the line, seizes the opportunity to close out the match and does so admirably, winning the first break of the second set.


Evans Sinner 1-1

The blue player reacted instantly and held serve at zero.


Evans-Sinner 1-0

The first match for the Briton at the beginning of the second set and whoever holds the serve.


The wrong one wins the first set!

Blue wins The first group impose itself for 6-4 on Evans. Sinner wins the match by finishing with a perfect forehand. Just over 50 minutes of play and the South Tyrol tennis player takes the lead.


Evans Sinner 4-5

Blue is unable to close the first set in this match which the British player wins on serve.


Evans Sinner 3-5

Great sinner game! Now the blue color will be used for the group.


Evans Sinner 3-4

A game for the Englishman who takes advantage of Sinner’s time with the forehand.


Sinner starts strong against Evans!

The South Tyrolean tennis player started the match against the Englishman in the best possible way in a point-by-point match. Blue had to do it Chasing the first two points But he always managed to equalize the score and take the initiative Double advantage to 2-4 In the first group.


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