“We will not defend 1-0.” And on governance and training

“We will not defend 1-0.”  And on governance and training

Lisbon, Portugal) – After winning their go-to site the cats there Juventus He is preparing for the second leg of the UEFA Champions League quarter-final European league to Lisbon against him Sporting. On the eve of the match, the Juventus coach spoke Massimiliano Allegri Who put forward in the press conference the exact challenge against formation Amorim. Up for grabs is a place in the semi-finals where there will be a spot in between Seville And Manchester United, The goal is to reach the final in Budaspet to try and win the title.

Allegri: “The Europa League can take us to the Champions League”

Speak at the conference Massimiliano Allegri Who presents the match in Lisbon as follows: The European League is an important competition that can take us to the Champions League. And then the whole group will be happy to bring the cup home, there are two left, this one and there Italian cup. Winning is something extraordinary and never easy, and I understand that Juventus have made it normal after 9 years of victories, but it is not like that. The Juventus coach who remembers an ex-coach requires maximum concentration: With Sporting in 2017 We win or draw if I’m not mistaken, a draw wouldn’t be bad either. Playing against the Portuguese is difficult, you have to be patient because they have great dribbling and in this stadium with the crowd pushing, we need to have an important impact on the match.”

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