SPAL 1-1: Live Chronicle Live

SPAL 1-1: Live Chronicle Live
  • Where to play the game:

    Stadium: Cerro Figuereto
    City: Benevento
    Capacity: 16,867 spectators11:28

  • Everything is ready in Vigorito for Benevento-SPAL, lunch match for the 32nd day of Serie B.11:28

  • A challenge of last resort among the disappointments of the championship, two teams in the penultimate position at 29 points at minus five from the playing area: the Giallorossi returning from two consecutive defeats (against Bari and Pisa) face the blue and – white, in a negative streak of three matches (1N, 2p).11:32

  • Here are the profiles. Benevento with a result of 3-4-2-1: Balleri – Veseli, Tosca, Pastina – Leticia, Imbrutta, Schiatarella, Folon – Carrefoura, Tello – Petinari. Unavailable: Manfredini, Locatelli, Al Kawakibi, Glick, Liverbe, Kubica, Karic, Goriskin, Ciano, Farias, La Gumina, Semi.1:24 p.m

  • 4-3-1-2 for Spall: Alfonso – Dieckmann, Miccarello, Arena, Celia – Contiliano, Prati, Maestro – Nainggolan – Moncini, La Mantilla. Available: Pomini, Fiordaliso, Tripaldelli, Dal moura, Zanellato, Murgia, Peda, Tungov, Rossi, Roti, Vitvatzidis, Rabi.11:51 a.m

  • After Viviani and Acampora were left out, Stillon redrawn the midfielder back to Chiattarella and Pastina. In attack, the confidence in Petinari is supported by Carvura and Tello.11:49

  • Oddo relied on Moncini-La Mantia along with Nainggolan in support, and preferred Arena over Dalle Mura in defence.11:40

  • The warm-up phases are over, and soon the match begins, supervised by Maresca.11:51 a.m

  • 1 ‘

    Benevento-SPAL starts, the ball to blue and white.12:32

  • 2 ‘

    A lateral foul by Dickmann, the ball rains down the area, and La Mantilla goes down and shoots the Stars.12:34

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  • 3 ‘

    Free kick by Pastina, extending the vertical square, the first corner of the match.12:36

  • 4 ‘

    Welcome opportunity! From a corner, Tosca’s head, Alfonso punched us.12:49

  • 5 ‘

    Moncini earns a free kick from Pastina’s high leg edge.12:38

  • 7 ‘

    Contiliano beats, Letizia clears the area.12:39

  • 8 ‘

    Carfora svirgola from an excellent location but the business is spoiled by sneaks from Foulon.12:40

  • 9 ‘

    Thrown by Dickmann, Tosca turns and turns a corner.12:41

  • 11′

    Attempting from the Maistro’s distance, his right grabs a seat off the curve.12:45

  • 13 ‘

    Maestro again, targeting the area from the left, did not let Letizia overtake him.12:45

  • 15′

    La Mantilla alert, held in Foulon.12:47

  • 16′

    Celia reaches behind, and Leticia stops him in the corner.12:48

  • 16 ‘

    SPAL OPPORTUNITY! Despite corner developments, a shot from the edge of Meccariello, Paleari relaxes and declines.12:48

  • 17 ‘

    Joy on Earth, the game paused for a few moments.12:49

  • 19 ‘

    Celia’s cross, Moncini twisting his head sends wide to the side.12:51

  • 20′

    Punishment Pastina, Alfonso Samnacchia, La Mantilla by car.12:53

  • 22 ‘

    Slightly lower paced, the two teams face each other on the medium.12:55

  • 23 ‘

    Kroos from Dickmann, Moncina misses La Mantia Bank, Paleari collects the ball.12:55

  • 25 ‘

    A precarious backpass by Celia, Alfonso frees before Pettinari arrives.12:58

  • 27 ‘

    Carvura falls into the zone under pressure from Arena, and Maresca allows him to continue.12:59

  • 29 ‘

    SPAL OPPORTUNITY! Nainggolan’s free kick, La Mantilla’s header from close range, doesn’t fit in the mirror.1:01 p.m

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  • 30 ‘

    Via Dickmann, Moncini in the splits does not get there by longitudinal.1:03 p.m

  • 32 ‘

    The ball is round for blue and white, and yellow and red are waiting in their own half.1:04 p.m

  • 33 ‘

    Goal! Benevento SPAL 0-1! Prati Network. Nainggolan free kick, Tosca heads wide, Prati hits Paleari with first intention with the right foot from 20 metres.

    Look at the player profile of Matteo Prati1:06 p.m

    Matthew Bratty
  • 35 ‘

    Nainggolan cautioned, she entered from behind on Schiattarella.1:08 p.m

  • 37 ‘

    Welcome opportunity! Carrefoura dialogues to the extreme with Petinari, a left kick that Alfonso rejects with the return arm.1:09 p.m

  • 37 ‘

    Goal! Benevento SPAL 1-1! Folon Network. From a corner kick, Folon explodes with his superb left foot from 20 meters out, after the goal, unstoppable by Alfonso.

    Check out Daam Foulon’s player profile1:11 p.m

  • 39 ‘

    Celia is wasting her time on the boat, which Marisca warns.1:13 p.m

  • 41 ‘

    Central percussion by Maestro, imprecise suggestion by Moncini.1:14 p.m

  • 43 ‘

    For Letizia’s ankle problems, the game is halted.1:16 p.m

  • 45 ‘

    Two minutes of recovery.1:18 p.m

  • 45′ + 2′

    The end of the first half. Benevento SPAL 1-1, Foulon responds to Prati.1.20pm

  • Balanced part, yellow better start, red immediately dangerous with Tosca, then blue and white grows, Meccariello obliges Paleari, La Mantia growls from close range, Prati signs the advantage with a gentle right from the edge on a free kick development, Folon instant response with a similar left foot from an angle.1:22 p.m

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  • Stellone needs to speed up the ball transfer and improve the build-up phase; Oddo needs more understanding between the attackers in the opposition area.1:24 p.m

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