October 1, 2022

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Cagliari Salernitana 1-1 Live Stream: Bonazoli almost finds tie at the end

Cagliari and Salernitana meet on Unipol Domus in the match valid for the 14th round match of the Serie A Serie A.

Cagliari NS Salerno They face each other at Unipol Domus in the match valid for the 14th match of Serie A. A very important clash for both teams with the goal of redemption: watch the match live with us.

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Cagliari Salernitana 1-1 summary

20:42 Teams on the field to revive the Italian league anthem

20:45 The start of the game whistle duties, let’s go!

6 ′ Cagliari occasion – Marin’s free kick from the short side of the penalty area, but the ball goes out of the net

15 ‘Blocked Sweat And Without Great Opportunities And Feelings

17 ′ Nandes tries – The Rossoblo midfielder collects the ball at the edge of the area and attempts to shoot with his left foot: the ball is wide to the side

19 ′ Head Bellanova – Carbone passes through the box: Bellanova reaches the far post but I saw him veer into a corner

25 Keita in the opposite direction – Bellanova’s cross with Keita tries to repeat the goal of Reggio Emilia: This time the ball ends on the side

27 ′ Cagliari yellow card Grassi is the first to enter the villain list

30 ′ Cagliari yellow card Yellow for Dalbert due to a tactical error on Obi at the beginning of the second half

37 Marin again with a free kick. A free kick that is reduced with appropriate times but the track does not hit the mirror and ends in the side

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40 ′ Salernitana switch – Gondo comes out with a muscle problem and enters Zortia

45 Cagliari occasion – Marin corner kick that found a header from Joao Pedro: Bellic was overtaken and took the ball from under the seven

45 + 3 the end of the first half

45 Cagliari change – Outside Grassi and Inside Strutmann

57 Marine waste – Joao Pedro Marin sends on the edge of the box: only the midfielder hits the corner from a very good position

59 Cagliari change – Dalbert exits and Pavoletti enters

63′ Joao Pedro with a head – A cross from Nández from which Joao Pedro starts: the ball touches the crossover of the two columns and ends at the bottom

74 ′ Cagliari target – Joao Pedro moved steadfastly to the finish line with a shot in the middle: in the near post the first to arrive was Pavoletti who put Bilek

76 Cagliari change: Outside Bellanova and inside Lykogianis

78 Salernitana switch – Outside Djuric and inside Symi

82 ′ Cagliari change – Outside Keita Baldi and Inside Diola

84 Salernitana double change – Outside De Takeo and Obi, inside Kebzi and Kishrida

90 Target Salernitana – Zorte’s cross at the far post, Nandez leaves Bonazoli slipping behind him, defeating Cragno with his right

Cagliari Salernitana scored 1-1

Networks: 74′ Pavoletti, 90′ Bonazoli

Cagliari (3-5-2): Cragno. Bellanova, (76° Lycogiannis) Cibitelli, Carbone; Caceres. Nandez, Marin, Gracie (45′ Strutmann), Dalbert (59′ Pavuliti); Joao Pedro, Keita (82′ Diola). Available: Areti, Radunovic, Deiola, Altare, Pereiro, Oliva, Zappa, Pavoletti, Ceter. everybody.: Mazari.

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Salernitana (4-3-3): Belek. Veseli, Gyomber, Gagliolo, Ranieri; Obi (84° Quichrida), De Takeo (84° Capze), El Coulibaly; Gondo (40 degrees), Djuric (78 degrees semi), Bonazoli. Available: Fiorillo, Guerrieri, Jaroszynski, Zortea, Kechrida, Capezzi, Delli Carri, Vergani. everybody.: Kolantono.