Flora Canto, all the details of her marriage to Enrico Bregnano: “It will be the American way, that is …”

Flora Cantu reveals everything details for him marriage With Enrico Bregnano. actress Today is another day, guest Serena Burtoni, talks about orange blossoms with comedians from whom Martina, 4, and Nicolo, who came into the world last July 19. The 55-year-old surprised her in September with a wedding show in front of the entire Verona Arena which was a surprise during one of his shows.

Flora Canto, all the details of her marriage to Enrico Bregnano: “She will be American, that is …”

“Are we getting married in July? Yes, if we get there with the pandemic and all that’s going on…”Flora confesses to Burtoni that she wants to know the details of the event. “I am late with the organization – go on – I haven’t made the invitations yet and haven’t decided on the dress yet, but I’ve chosen the venue. ”

The presenter is trying to learn more. “Where will you marriage? “. “Can’t be said”, a copy of the original Flora singing. But then he loosened the buttons a bit: “It will be by the sea, we will do everything there, our daughter Martina will bring the wedding rings, it will be an American party.”

The 38-year-old guest star of Today is a another day talks about her wedding with the 55-year-old comedian.

Flora and Enrico have been together for a long time. “I used to love comedy in general and I conquered it with this philosophy – says the artist – When we rehearsed for the first show, we killed each other with laughter, and that started it all.” When asked if Brignano was different from how he looked, she confirmed: “He is not depressed, on the contrary, but like all men when he wakes up bad, he has bad moments, and it is better to leave him alone. We fight a lot, we have strong personalities, but then we cannot remain apart, that means we were together for 10 years.”

The actress was touched by reviewing photos of her wedding proposal, which came as a surprise last September at Verona Arena

An unmissable part of the film in which the wedding proposal that left her open in the square is told, Flora Cantu is excited: “It still moved me, I didn’t know anything. That evening we had to parody Romeo and Juliet, and then due to a series of inconveniences we didn’t. I was sitting in the front row with a friend, when she began to sing to the tunes of a Jovanotti song and turn toward me, I thought: “How nice, he wants to dedicate the song to me,” but then my heart started racing and I understood everything … .

Brignano left her stunned during one of his shows

Flora will now be back on TV with a cooking show, Made by mom and dad On Rai Due starting January 15th, but he will soon start preparations for the wedding which he hopes will be an unforgettable wedding.

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