A giant prehistoric sea monster fossil has been found in Great Britain

The fossil of a giant sea monster known as Ichthyosaurus was found in Great Britain.

The length of the fossil is ten meters. This makes it the largest of its kind ever in Britain. The fossil was discovered by an employee at Rutland Water Park, an artificial lake about 150 kilometers north of London. It was initially thought to be a dinosaur fossil. But paleontologists soon concluded that it must have been the remains of an ichthyosaur.

Ichthyosaurs were predators that swam in prehistoric seas as long as 90 million years ago. The specimen found is 180 million years old. At the time, the area we know today as England was a shallow sea. Ichthyosaurs are very similar in appearance to modern dolphins, with the caveat that they were slightly larger than dolphins. The largest specimens can reach a length of at least 25 meters.

Paleontologists excavate the fossil. © Anglian Water via Reuters

Paleontologist Dean Lomax, who has done a lot of research on ichthyosaurs, arrived late in the papers guardian You know it’s a “unique find”. “This is one of the largest fossil discoveries in British history.” Ichthyosaurs are frequently excavated in Britain, but completely intact specimens have not been found. It took two weeks to excavate the complete fossil.

The manager of Rutland Waterpark is looking for sponsors so that the sea monster can be shown locally to the public.

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