We celebrate 10 years of work, then another record with Bastianich and a tour in the USA

We celebrate 10 years of work, then another record with Bastianich and a tour in the USA

The Neapolitan country troupe that graced American stages talks about their ten-year career. On January 20 the concert takes place in the Spanish Quarters of Naples for 10 years.

Third degree

They were born in Naples, but they made it to America. The last album was released last October, in collaboration with Bastianich. Terza Classe turns 10 today and defines itself as a collective rather than a band because it has changed its formation over time several times. Several musicians have undertaken various projects or continue to collaborate sporadically with the founding members. Today the group consists of Pierpaolo Provenzano (vocals, acoustic guitar), Rolando Gallo Maraviglia (vocals, double bass), Alfredo D’Ecclesiis (vocals, harmonica), Michelangelo Bencivenga (banjo) and Riccardo Antonielli (vocals, drums). On January 20 in Naples, a concert will be held at the Focus Foundation in the Spanish Quarters to celebrate ten years of work. In light of the event, Pierpaolo Provenzano tells Fanpage about the career developments and news of his band.

The last album was released a few months ago, in collaboration with Bastianich. How was this artistic partnership born?

This thing was born about ten years ago, when the band had been around for a year and Joe Bastianich came to Naples to shoot his show “On the Road” and we met by chance. We took part in the recording, performed a song that he played on the program, and then played it together. We met him again in New York and in 2020 he asked us to play together. He wanted to create a music project about pop and folk rock in the USA, he was looking for an Italian band capable of that genre and we came up with it.

Will there be another album with him in your future projects?

We already have at least two records in the pipeline, one with Joe Bastianich and one without him. We’re trying to figure out when to let them out. There will be many new features this year. There will definitely be some things coming up, there will be some tours, something in Italy and by the end of the year also in America.

Ten years in the making, what has changed?

In these 10 years, many people have taken turns in the troupe: we have become a collective in all respects. Alternating many figures, then instruments, and musicians, a beating heart shaped by the historical members continues this quest for songs inspired by Anglo-Saxon folk and always performed in English. Our music in recent years has evolved towards the direction of indie rock. Compared to the beginning I would say we’ve modernized, even if we’ve always had more modern characteristics of the pure American or Anglo-Saxon type we’re taking inspiration from. Now we have a few more electric grafts, but the root is the same.

Folk, Country, Bluegrass: Who Are Your Reference Artists?

We took a lot of inspiration from Fleet Fox, an American folk-rock band, or Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, but also Ben Harper.

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A trip to America also narrated in a documentary and numerous stops in the US. How much and how has the American Dream changed your music?

In American theaters we have been missing since the beginning of 2020 due to the pandemic stopping us, we were in the process of going to Canada and signing with a Canadian company. We have a deep bond with the United States. America has many markets, many festivals and a good response from the public and also thanks to the trip in 2014 where the documentary was filmed, we had the opportunity to communicate with organizers and brands who opened the door to many realities for us and also we met personalities who eat a lot of folk .

What is the difference between the Italian and American phases?

Theater in America is sacred. We can’t wait to come back this year with our new standard product, with and without Joe. We hope to be able to perform on the other side of the ocean soon.

Great event in the Spanish Quarters of Naples to celebrate ten years in business.

This event is important for us because all members of the group will come to play, even the founders and those from the early years of the band. It will be a complete reunion with all the people who built this project. We have invited all but a few names. Sadly Bastianich won’t be there, but we heard from him last year sending us his regards from Los Angeles.

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There will be many guests. Any naming spoilers?

There will be Gennaro Borcelli who has performed with us on some exceptional occasions in recent years and will come over to play some blues songs. At the opening will be Barbato, who came out this year with a puck. In all, more than fifteen artists are taking part, including flautist Alessandro De Carolis and Marco Ballestrieri who will play electronic music instead. From this event we expect to celebrate, to feel good. We are happy to play at Napoli because we don’t get the chance very often. We staged it at Quartieri Spagnoli because we try to play in our city at least twice a year. This summer we performed with Bastianich in Piazza Plebiscito, this January 20 will be the date of winter in Naples.

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