Mediterranean Cooking by Joan Roca and Salvador Bruges

Mediterranean Cooking by Joan Roca and Salvador Bruges

From Algeciras to Istanbul, there is a sea that was the cradle of the great civilizations of the ancient world and that now brings together an unparalleled culinary heritage. The diversity of the cuisines of Mediterranean cities is a reflection of their cultural riches, a living and enormous treasure that is constantly evolving and that we want to invite you to discover.

In this book you will find 80 simple recipes from across the Mediterranean, celebrating the most authentic and diverse traditional flavours, aromas, preparations and techniques of the Mediterranean to prepare at home and enjoy with family and friends. Sweet and savory dishes, vegetables, fish, meat and desserts that you can share and eat with your hands, which will take you on a journey through the Mare Nostrum that we love so much.

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Joan Roca y Fontani (Girona, 1964) began his career with his parents and grandparents in the family restaurant Can Roca of Catalan cuisine and combined this mission with his studies at the Escola d'Hostaleria de Girona, where he also taught classes and with which he is still closely associated. Today, together with his two brothers Josep – the sommelier – and Jordi – the pastry chef – he manages and operates El Celler de Can Roca, which has been considered the best restaurant in the world on two occasions and has been awarded three Michelin stars. His cuisine harmonizes Catalan culinary traditions with pioneering techniques, the result of constant research committed to innovation and creativity.

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Salvador Bruges and Fontani (Saint Hilary Sakalem, 1964) He has been a collaborator with El Celler de Can Roca and a cooking teacher since 1989. He comes from a hotelier family, and studied at the Escola d'Hostaleria de Girona. He specializes in vacuum cooking and co-authored with Joan Roca the books La cuina al buit, Cuina amb Joan Roca, Cuina ave Joan Roca a Low Temperature and Cuina mare.

Publisher: Column Editions
Topic: Kitchen | Recipes
Kitchen | Chefs
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Translator: Nuria Garcia Caldes
Number of pages: 224

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