Science and Discover Gea with Ingv: Workshops and educational games for schools

Science and Discover Gea with Ingv: Workshops and educational games for schools

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Workshops, seminars, presentations, educational games and much more in the Schools Appointments ProgramNational Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (Ingv) which offers meetings with students in person and online. researchers fromIngv They will meet first and second grade Kindergarten, Elementary and Secondary school students, guiding them on fascinating paths to discover Gea, the planet Earth. Through their passion for science, researchers will bring enthusiasm for research in the classroom, introducing pupils and pupils, from childhood, to the fascinating world of stem materials (STEM) and of which they see, today, women’s participation among the various activities proposed, “paper volcanoes” , Workshop for preschool children, with manual activities.
For seniors, the lab becomes… Explosive! In fact, the volcano model will simulate a magma chamber and the action of explosive and eruptive eruptions. The researchers will also explain some of the types of scientific instruments used to study volcanoes and earthquakes, emphasizing the fact that these extend our senses so much that we are aware of the unknown aspects of nature. Finally, the educational offer includes topical seminars dedicated to the topics of climate change, plate tectonics, earthquakes, the planet’s volcanic activities and the “attractions” of geomagnetism. It is free and available online, and may, depending on the choice of the school, be held on the school premises.

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