Camila, has had the same haircut for 40 years: the reason why she hasn’t changed her look

Camila, has had the same haircut for 40 years: the reason why she hasn’t changed her look
Camilla Parker Bowles –

Camilla Parker Bowles has opted for the same haircut for nearly 40 years now. Here’s why…

Public figures are divided into two categories, Those who constantly renew their stylein order to keep up with the times and those who always tend to maintain the same style, in a way to become an icon And stay in time.

MMany stars follow this second path and are instantly recognizable, such as Rafaela Cara or Marilyn Monroe.

In fact, as noted fashion consultant Cristiano Filippini said: “There are women who recognize themselves in one look and turn it into a real hallmark. Cases like Raffaella Carrà and Lucia Bosé, from They have made their hair a staple of their look“.

Camilla Parker Bowles has also had the same haircut for over 30. Her short, blonde hairdo has remained the same since she was in her early 40s. The style chosen is the 70’s bob styleVintage and evergreen. However, behind choosing this look There may be a reason very accurate. Let’s find out more.

Camilla Parker Bowles haircut

Camilla Parker Bowles He’s had the same haircut for over 40 years now. All this because she believes that the hairstyle and the style of clothing help in self-identification even with age. Because of this, she always sticks to the same look she had when she was young. The only thing that has changed a bit is the shadows options over time. In fact, while the woman initially had a faded ash blonde hue, over the years it has been enriched with more buttery shades that have revived the tone.

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The Queen of England has the same hairdresser as always, Jo Hansford E Her historic salon in Central London, Mayfair. She’s not the only celebrity traveling there. Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Hurley are also regulars. Looks like I just snapped there From £120 While a dye job can cost up to 600 pounds.

Camilla Parker Bowles –

Coronation Ceremony: Here is the chosen hairstyle

So even during the coronation ceremony, the woman will show her usual haircut and hairstyle as always. The crown chosen by the Queen Instead, it has been King George V’s wife Queen Mary in the Art Deco style Queen Mary since 1911.

To keep her hair from getting messy, Camila asked her hairdresser about it Participate in the ceremony and follow it During the procession in order to intervene in case of damage to the hair.

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