X Factor 2021, Agnelli accuses judges of conspiracy, whistles to Hell Raton who answers: ‘Ask yourself two questions’

X Factor 2021, Agnelli accuses the judges of conspiracy, whistles to Hell Raton who answers: “Ask yourself two questions.” Sparks counter at Sky’s talent show, during 4th live on Thursday 18th November. The show that criticized is Bangla fire.

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After the Bengala Fire performance with “Evil” for Interpol, in The second round of X Factor 2021Spirits lit at the judges’ table. Hell Raton, Mika, and Emma in the band knew skill as musicians but the evening’s performance didn’t convince them.

“You’re a great band – says Emma – but they lack a bit of personal flair.” Mika also shares the same opinion: “It’s a nice piece and they’re playing really well. Every time I find a great model work, here’s a great piece but I didn’t have the same impression, that light was missing.”

«I agree with my colleagues – concludes Hell Raton audience boos – You’re good, but I miss the soul. The audience can do whatever they want but they didn’t go to the conservatory, rudeness doesn’t work for me.”

Manuel Anely is not there and defends the Bangla Fire: «How stressed you are! When Mika tells you it could be a wedding cover band, it’s a compliment, because the fee you’ll get from Mika’s friend will buy you a cottage. In this sea of ​​adolescent grief, there is also another way of responding and you not only do that, but you grow up every now and then.”

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Emma wants to respond to Agnelli’s provocation “Manuel today made two misplaced jokes” Manuel asks for an explanation, but Emma doesn’t want it. On the other hand, Hell Raton does not retreat: “You imply that we are pressed, If 3 out of 4 judges say no it’s not good I would like to ask myself a question».

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