March 30, 2023

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Fidez introduces “inhumanity”. The Renzi attack on the “Saudi dollar” and the controversy with Meloni on Amazon

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Presentation of the new album. Indulging in “the ex-prime minister who completes the dictation of a dictatorship that cuts off the heads of gays”

Party Atmosphere: Fidesz presents new album on release day Inhumane Lively social night, with Chiara Ferragni and some friends, based on Christmas lights, pandoro and bottles of champagne with signature Lady Gaga. On the other hand, the controversy over the piece is straightforward and Fedez himself laughs about “lawsuits on the horizon” when he anticipates the “Un Giorno in Magistrale” clips. In the viewfinder, first of all, Matteo Renzi, but not only. There’s also Georgia Meloni and the Amazon controversy, in addition to the league.

against Renzi

And it’s exactly a sentence for Renzi – “Reaction One: Shock”, from a popular video of the former prime minister on social media – to hear at the beginning of the song “A Day in the Magistrates’ Court”: “It’s not right to make money I had to learn English.” “They don’t like to put masks on, they put them directly in their handbags.” Fides had already attacked Renzi on social media before that, when the Zhan bill was abandoned in Parliament and the former prime minister was absent: “But the self-proclaimed Renzi was a champion of rights. Civilian is the same who appears today to have traveled to Saudi Arabia while abandoning the Zan bill? To celebrate freedom of expression, shall we organize a doodle match with Kim Jong Un? ».


Amazon dismissal: The rapper has been criticized several times for never being mentioned, in his ‘fights’, starting with the ones on Zan’s bill on stage at a Labor Day party, the conditions of those working for the US multinational (on Amazon) Video of the series coming soon Vergnese). Fedez sings: “You enrich Amazon, I make myself rich.” He attacks Meloni, who criticizes him on this topic, but celebrates that “my book is number one on Amazon.”

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country side

“It was a great campaign,” Fides jokes. He explains that the idea of ​​promoting registration in this way, simulating “take to the field” with the FedezElezioni2023 sphere and election-like posters, was his idea. On the evening of the album’s presentation, Chiara Ferragni revealed her favorite song: “Sabor”. However, at home, the wife is advised not to “make it too high”, because in any case she is one in the morning. The atmosphere, in fact, is homely: the presentation was entrusted to a direct social network, and not to a press conference. Among the other songs awaited on live “La Cassa Spinge,” made by Crookers, Myss Keta, and Dargen D’Amico (and a tribute to Damiano of Maneskin). On the playlist: “Un giorno in magistrale”, “Faith and Hope”, “Stupido Stupido”, “Vittoria” song dedicated to his daughter, “Look what you make me do”, “Vecchio” with Dargen D’Amico, “Furry comes out From Trouble” with Kara, “Nutti Brava”, “Others’ Mothers” with Tanani.

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