A representative day without Wall Street. Watch out for what happens tomorrow and then on Monday

tomorrow Setup will expire in international markets. Today the US markets were closed for holidays, so this was an almost day without Wall Street.

Furthermore, US Yards will open tomorrow with reduced hours. What are you waiting for from now on?

Let’s go step by step.

At 3:18 PM on the November 25th trading day we read the following quotes:

Dax future


The future of Eurostoxx


Ftsy Mibe future


S&P 500 . Index

4.701,46 At the close on November 24th.

The short term trend is to the downside but the forecast expects a decline for a few weeks

In red, our annual global stock index forecast on a weekly scale for 2021.

In blue the US markets chart through November 19.

Today was a preliminary day without Wall Street but between tomorrow and Monday fate will be decided at least until the next setup on December 8th.

These are the defining days for the stock markets. The struts don’t break at the weekend

Here are the levels to determine a winning trading strategy: Has the annual maximum already been set or, according to the historical series, “will we talk about it again” in the last week of December?

Dax future

Downtrend until we see a daily close above 16.024. Long-term cons only with weekly close below 15,977.

The future of Eurostoxx

A bearish trend until we see a daily closing above 4.304. Long term only declines with weekly close below 4252.

Future Ftse Mib

A bearish trend until we see a daily closing above 27.250. Long-term cons only with weekly close below 26825.

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S&P 500 . Index

A downtrend until we see a daily close above 4.744. Long-term cons only with weekly closes below 4595.

What is the trading strategy to continue?

Constant across all analyzed markets.

What will tomorrow’s trading day look like?

It is difficult to make a reliable advance prediction.

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