Petrol and diesel tariff forecasts in October, but also two important new aids (finally for everyone)

Petrol and diesel tariff forecasts in October, but also two important new aids (finally for everyone)

to’Fuel price trendsWhich has remained at a high level for several months, is one of the main topics on the table. The negative effects of these prices are reflected in the costs of refueling at gas stations. But in Italy there is another aggravating element: goods are transported mainly by heavy vehicles, a method particularly sensitive to fluctuations in energy prices compared to rail transport.

This situation puts pressure on the budgets of families and companies. As a result, the desire to understand whether this trend will continue is understandable. Make predictions In this context, the matter is very complex, taking into account that unexpected events, such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, could cause rapid repercussions in energy markets within a few weeks. Despite this uncertainty, it is possible to make some predictions, but also remember which government aid is being considered:

  • Gasoline and diesel what is the forecast in October
  • From mobile customs fees to purchase card discounts

Gasoline and diesel what is the forecast in October

A panorama of expectations regarding fuel prices, whether gasoline or diesel, for the month of October It does not offer optimistic prospectsAnd the. While the end of the recovery period could lead to a decline in demand, and therefore prices, the implementation of oil production cuts by the OPEC+ group could continue, which could offset the decline in demand.

The situation in Italy appears more complex than in other countries, due to the dominant role of road transport and financial constraints that limit the possibility – Reducing indirect taxes in the short term. Unlike the United States, where fuel taxes are determined at the federal level, in Italy these taxes are determined at the state level, which means that price fluctuations are mainly affected by the decisions of oil companies and gas station managers.

Based on these expectations, it is possible that Gasoline price in October 2023 It will be between 1.80 and 1.90 euros per litre. These expectations are subject to change due to a number of variables, including the development of the conflict in Ukraine, the energy policies adopted by major oil-producing countries, and global economic conditions.

From mobile customs fees to purchase card discounts

The Minister of Business and Industry of Italy, Adolfo Orso, announced during his speech before the gathering of employees of gas stations of the Italian Independent Gasoline Federation (FIPE) in Rome, that the main distribution networks, in particular Eni, have decided to give the opportunity of an additional discount to card holders. Shopping card “personalized for you” Who refuel at their service stations.

Orso stressed the importance of engaging oil companies In providing benefits similar to those provided to purchase card holders, the government is contributing additional financing by allocating 100 million euros, mainly for the purchase of fuel. He urged oil companies to do their part in line with what has been done by organizations that represent retail trade on a large scale. He pointed out that the initial responses from companies were positive and that other companies will determine their ways of joining and voluntarily announce the initiatives they intend to undertake.

The Minister also discussedMobile excise taxIt was presented with the Transparency Decree, and stressed the need to evaluate the possibility of activating this mobile consumption tax and other tools to deal with the increase in fuel prices, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Economic Development. He expected the government to think about how to move forward in this direction, starting with the memorandum updating the Economic and Financial Document (NADF).

Finally, Orso announced the government’s intention Tax credit extension It aims to provide significant support to road transport companies, with the aim of preventing rising fuel costs from stoking further inflation. This measure will be adopted as part of the next economic measure, taking into account that the transport grant expires on December 31 and that this initiative is considered essential in the fight against inflation.

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