Borsa Italiana, suspension of the March 1, 2023 hearing

Borsa Italiana, suspension of the March 1, 2023 hearing

Moncler best in FTSEMib, after 2022 financials. Saipem remains in the spotlight. At Euronext Growth, Milan focused on freshman Valtecne

The main indices of the Italiana Stock Exchange and the main European financial centers were confirmed in positive areawith pAn advance of less than half a percentage point.

at 10.20 FTSEMib gaining 0.42% to 27,593 points, instead FTSE Italia All Share It was up 0.43%. plus sign for file Medium hat from FTSE Italia (+ 0.54%) and l Star of FTSE Italy (+0.29%).

the Bitcoins Close to $24,000 (just under €22,500).

the BTP-Bund spread It stands at just over 180 pips, with the ten-year BTP yield coming in at 4.55%.

L’euro It was close to $1,065.

Moncler He earns 5.36% for 60.9 euros. Quilts Group reported financial results for fiscal year 2022, closing with increased revenue and profitability and better than consensus. The management proposed a dividend of 1.12 euros per share.

Saipem Still in the spotlight (+ 5.21% to € 1.596). The engineering company announced that it had won a $400 million drilling contract off the coast of Ivory Coast.

In FTSEMib, it was a performer stellants (+2.94%).

At Euronext Growth Milan focus on Valteknion the day of its debut in the price list for dynamic and competitive small and medium enterprises. The stock fails to price due to the increase in the uptrend (+30% theoretical progression). The company’s shares were placed at €5, with an initial capitalization of €30.5 million.

in the directory Techno probe After the severe correction he was subjected to in the previous session. address in 3.21% increase.

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Performance also stands out Star Workshop (+ 11.7% at 14.35 euros). The company announced that it has signed two contracts with Leonardo for the supply of a very high-resolution integrated multispectral optical system for the PLATiNO3 mission and a medium-resolution hyperspectral optical system for the ASI PLATiNO4 mission. The contracts are for a period of 14 months and have a total value of €3.8m.

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