“Fertile Earth,” with Nuria Montserrat, genetic bioengineer

“Fertile Earth,” with Nuria Montserrat, genetic bioengineer

Enter How are human body tissues created? To better understand why they stop working when there is an illness. This is what genetic bioengineering does Nuria Montserrat and her research team At the Bioengineering Institute of Catalonia.

In an interview on the program “muckFor example, Montserrat explained, How they were able to decipher how human kidney or heart tissue is formed. They did this through small cultures of cells that resemble human organs on a small scale, known as organoids. In 2013, Science magazine considered working with these organisms one of the ten scientific discoveries of the year..

“We ask them questions so they understand How does the cell behave? It also helps us infer how he will behave, and what he will do if you apply this or that stimulus to him. Working with these organisms has been fundamental to the research Treatment to fight Covid-19.

“Organoids showed us how viruses infect human cells and We were able to use them to test the effectiveness of drugs A few months later it was applied to Covid patients, Montserrat explains. “For the first time we have been able to do this Search the app almost instantly“In fact, thanks to the research conducted on organoids, they were also able to determine this very early on The infection not only attacks the lung, but also other organs.

“Science allows us to dream big”

Currently, applications containing these organoids are being tested on an animal body, so that, in the not too distant future, Renewal of damaged organ From a human being. Research in which specialists from many specialties participate: “Medicine, genetics, computing. We are constantly studying and debating. It’s expensive and difficult, but research only makes sense when it is shared with researchers from all over the world.” These networks allow, Montserrat says, “to dream big, because we don’t do it alone.”

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“Investigations are very well organized”

When you are asked about applying a technology 3D printing in the textile industryThe bioengineer from Barcelona confirms that these printers are being used more and more in laboratories We are not far from being able to generate new tissue Which can be used for Healing a sick member. Montserrat confirms that communities of researchers working in the field of stem cells exist Ongoing discussion And dialogue with ethics committees Organize everything they do.

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