Google Pixel 8 Pro will get the 'Minty Fresh' update on January 25

Google Pixel 8 Pro will get the 'Minty Fresh' update on January 25

Google is preparing to launch a new color for the Pixel 8 Pro Minty FreshThe new color variant of the device will be available on January 25. Google also hinted that the launch will take place in collaboration with It's a livingHe is an artist based in New York.

In addition to this new color variant for the Google Pixel 8 Pro, the artist is collaborating with the company to paint a mural in New York. The ceremony is scheduled to take place on the same date, January 25.

Returning to the new color of the Pixel 8 Pro phone, Google published a teaser video On X (formerly Twitter). In the caption, the company shared a binary ASCII message, which translates to “New year, new drop” but that doesn't mean the new launch will be a completely different device. It is expected to matter Same devices Of the smartphone is already available for purchase (currently 128 GB $799 on Amazon).

Now, while the video shows the Pixel 8 Pro, the color may also be available for the non-Pro model (128GB, currently $549 on Amazon). The good news is that we don't have long to wait to find out, as the new launch is less than a week away. You can watch the teaser video from the embedded tweet below.

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