It appears on many Android smartphones: users are in shock, but this is what has been revealed

It appears on many Android smartphones: users are in shock, but this is what has been revealed

A new item appears on Android smartphones, causing a big surprise among users: this is the item.

there technology He is a continuity protagonist the changes Which has managed to involve all the devices currently on the market. Recently many owners Android smartphones have discovered something new Which surprised them, given the fact that so many were involved.

Android smartphone hack stuns users – (

What appeared in the new series Samsung Galaxy S24 It was just the beginning of the change implemented by Google. The new Android brand is already rolling out to some devices like the i Google pixel It seems that her career is destined to continue.

The new logo on Android smartphones: a big surprise for users

Grandma was seen on Honor Magic 6 Pro And Xiaomi 14 Ultra, although there are slight design differences in those cases. In fact, this innovation does not exist in all smartphones, as Xiaomi 14 And on other devices that were launched on the market in recent weeks, such as OnePlus 12 And No phone (second).

New Android smartphone logo
The new Android logo has begun to spread and has not been updated since 2020 – Facebook image: AndroidOfficial – (

Many users in recent days have noticed the new mascot.”The bot“During the Initiation stage From a smartphone. This appears at the bottom of the screen below “Powered by Android“In a more 3D version of the one already seen on Google and Samsung devices.

Home system Google It is present on many devices and currently represents a real alternative to Apple products. Android consists of many functions and is related to The logo that the American company has not updated since 2020. So it really has a novelty He surprised everyone.

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At the end of 2023, Google decided to introduce “The bot“ as the new mascot. The new brand debuted earlier this year in Boot logo on the new series from Samsung. However, it now seems to be expanding to other devices, offering something new and unexpected to users.

“What Mountain View has implemented confirms the first significant change inherent in the logo.”Powered by Android“From the renewal provided with Android 10 during 2020. Therefore, we will have to wait a little longer for the welcome Fresh boot on all smartphones Android. However, for Google, the path seems clear and will lead directly to the goal that will allow the full spread of this new and interesting element.

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