That’s why some previously redeemed games – – ​​are no longer accessible

That’s why some previously redeemed games – – ​​are no longer accessible

As PlayStation Lifestyle has pointed out, in some cases, i Toys previously retrieved from service PlayStation Plus Prior to this triple level fix, i.e. according to the catalog now defined as “basic”, no longer availablehaving gone through the Extra and Premium catalog.

These are some special cases, which include, for example, Greedfall, and relate to license management on digital games.

GreedFall is one of the games that has a PS Plus license problem

Based on what some users have rebuilt on Reddit, if you are I recovered it previously A game on the base PlayStation Plus (which later became Basic) and that game was then replaced (through a new download or not) also under the PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium catalog, the latter version sort of overriding the other.

on the principle , new license Associated with the game on Plus Extra and Premium cancels the previous game, which however introduces new terms of use. The problem arises when that game is in fact removed from the Extra and Premium catalog: in this case, the title is no longer available despite previously being redeemed through the standard PlayStation Plus, a term which should allow use of the game as long as the user remains subscribed to the service.

The example mentioned on Reddit is precisely Greedfall, which was first suggested on the Plus standard and then under Premium and Extra, and then removed from the catalog under the Standard rotation for this. Some users have noticed that the game is no longer playable despite having it through Classic Plus.

There are reports of other games as well and in similar cases a customer support reminder seems to have fixed the issue.

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