Ferrari F50, under the dress is Pontiac – Mondo Auto

Ferrari F50, under the dress is Pontiac – Mondo Auto

In the United States she has one Pontiac Fiero It can lead to two very different fates. On the one hand, a full life, like a real mule in the style of the 80s; On the other hand, the possibility of completely changing oneself thanks to a little creativity. In the past Some Fieros have become FerrarisSuch as F40 or the Enzo: Genuine full replicas. Today there is another car for sale on eBay with the same characteristics: It is yellow F50.

The car sold for $20,000, a price in line with the second-hand market of the best examples of the Pontiac Fiero GT Edition. However, with a body that mimics the F50, sellers are looking to find some sports car enthusiasts who don’t have the will to pay particular attention to the car’s originality. Then, upon closer inspection, the F50 is very original in a sense: the body panels are fiberglass, the black and yellow interiors, Ferrari badges aplenty and The lineage holds a poetic license. To spark some romance, we must never forget that the Pontiac brand is, unfortunately, no longer with us.

Under the hood is still the 2.8-liter V6 from the Fiero GT, centrally mounted, linked to a three-speed automatic transmission. It certainly wouldn’t sound the same compared to the Ferrari F50 already produced in Maranello, but after all, the eBay sale ad was titled “1985 Pontiac Fierro”, and the reference to the wild horse is only in parentheses: so whoever buys it certainly won’t be able Waiting for someone to know the performance. Among other things, according to the information added by the seller, this sale could end in a “loss,” since more than $80,000 would have been spent to convert Fiero. The car is currently in San Diego, California and should have accumulated about 300,000 kilometers.

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