“After the derby, we stayed with our feet on the ground. The club and Mkhitaryan want to stay.”

“After the derby, we stayed with our feet on the ground. The club and Mkhitaryan want to stay.”


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At the end of Sampdoria Romewire Jose Mourinho.

Jose Mourinho to DAZN

the match?
“It’s hard to play here, their team is always very organized. The culture in Rome if you win the derby you go to heaven, and if you lose it’s a disaster, it’s true. We managed to keep our feet on the ground. Winning with just one goal, with another coach, people will talk about Great football, but it’s hard to talk about it. In the second half I liked the style of play but we had to score the second goal.”

Her first victory in anchors after many attempts.
“In England, I also beat Newcastle after so many years.”

Who is Peppino, which I mentioned at the conference.
“It was to say a name. In Rome, instead of talking about Zalewski, about Bove we always talk about who is doing poorly and who is not playing.”

“Cristante is that player that the press in Rome says I don’t like and that he will be up for sale next year.”

“Great season. I want it here, because the whole estate wants it. Raiola loves his players too, if he wants to stay he will do so.”

Do you have the lead in Thursday’s race?
“I don’t think, it was important to make changes to the game for us from one side to the other. We did it well with Mkhitaryan and Kristanti. I don’t think people are thinking about Thursday. They changed the system, they gave space to the game, we put on new legs. Tami looked tired to me. Lee. For 30 minutes of the second half we played to control and win the game. The defenders were confident. Good referee. Good game and I hope Sampdoria finishes the season well in this beautiful stadium.”

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First thing I thought of when I caught a Budo/Glimt?
“At that moment you have to respect the opponent and we will do it because they have done a historic job against us. It will be a tough match and we will give everything we can.”

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