Orban wins a fourth term in Hungary. “A Letter to My Enemies: From Zelensky to Soros”

Orban wins a fourth term in Hungary.  “A Letter to My Enemies: From Zelensky to Soros”

AGI – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, winner of the fourth consecutive term, claimed victory “over all”. This “our fourth victory is the most important, because we have conquered power against an allied opposition, we have all united and we have conquered all.”

Orban spoke of his “enemies”, including Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the list, then ‘Brussels Bureaucrats’, ‘The Soros Empire’ and ‘International Media’. The phrase “a clear reference to Brussels” came from the polls. The Hungarian prime minister called it an “extraordinary victory”.

According to the first partial official results published by the Electoral Commission, Fidesz got more than 55.7%, while the six opposition parties combined in a consolidated list came to just over 32%.

Commenting on the results of opinion polls for the Hungarian parliamentary elections, according to Hungarian media, the Hungarian Prime Minister said in his speech, “We have achieved such a great victory that can also be seen from the moon. Certainly also from Brussels.”

Greetings Salvini

“Bravo Victor!” So, Matteo Salvini praises Urban on Facebook. “Alone against all, attacked by evil fanatics of one mind, threatened by those who wish to erase the Jewish and Christian roots in Europe, and vilified by those who wish to eradicate the values ​​associated with family, security, merit, development, solidarity, sovereignty and freedom, I have won again this time — he continues — Thanks to what the others lack: the love and satisfaction of the people. Come on Victor, honor the free Hungarian people.”

The first two surveys are favorable

The victory of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his party, Fidesz, was already looming by looking at two ballots issued after the polls closed in Hungary: According to the RTL Klub survey, Fidesz had received 49% of the vote, against the opposition coalition of parties receiving 41% .

Voting is also taking place in Serbia

Serbia’s current president, populist Aleksandar Vucic, looms as the winner in the first round of his country’s presidential election. As reported by public broadcaster Rts, According to the first estimate, Vucic will reach 59.8% of the vote.

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The estimate is based on the calculations of the Center for Free and Democratic Non-State Elections (CeSID), according to which the candidate of the opposition coalition “United for the Victory of Serbia,” Zdravko Bonos, a retired general, will not exceed 17% of the vote.

As for the parties’ performance, the populist conservative Vucic formation received 43.5% of the vote, while the opposition coalition stood at 12.9%.

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