Asteroid Apophis will hit Earth in 2029: what we know about the impact

Asteroid Apophis will hit Earth in 2029: what we know about the impact

Space always gives us unique feelings, but it also gives us some fears. This is the situationAsteroid Apophis Which has worried scientists over the years. It is a celestial body about 340 meters long. The fear was of the possibility of hitting the Earth in 2029, 2036, or 2068: according to preliminary calculations. Today, new studies reveal the truth about what will happen in 2029.

The date of the collision of the asteroid Apophis with Earth

The important history of the asteroid is history April 13, 2029The celestial body will pass from Earth at a distance of approximately 37,000 km, which is a distance approximately ten times less than the average distance that separates us from the Moon, i.e. 384,000 km.

Although it will not pass very far from us, it has been ruled out that our planet is in danger. The same applies to the other two dates that were considered the first astronomical data. Therefore, there will be no effect in 2029, and perhaps for the next 100 years. However, scientists continue to study the path of Apophis.

Will Apophis crash into Earth? What does science say

Although the asteroid 99942 Apophis – this is its full and final name – is no longer on the list of planets. Custody effect risk table – The list of CNEOS, the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies, which records celestial bodies that are so close to the Earth that the risk of collision with them cannot be ruled out – We cannot yet declare victory.

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In fact, Canadian researchers Paul Weigert and Ben Hayat, from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Western Ontario, are conducting Other studies. What raises concern is the proximity of the corridors planned for the future.

If today's tracks do not pose a danger to the Earth, we need to understand what would happen if they did deviation And whether it is possible to intervene in a timely manner. In fact, the danger lies in the possibility of it colliding with another celestial body and changing its flight path.

The two scientists compared Apophis 99942's track data with BEN's data 1.3 million asteroids Orbiting close to our planet, focusing on those that could hit it.

The simulations were run until April 2029 and there does not appear to be any risk. New simulations will be needed to know once and for all that we are safe. Meanwhile, experts are focusing on a more imminent threat: a missing asteroid that could fall to Earth in 2024.

The meaning of the name Apophis: He is the god of chaos in ancient Egypt

Originally, the asteroid that worried astronomers and will continue to be monitored in the future had a more unknown name: 2004 million4. On June 24, 2005, the date on which its orbit was determined with some precision, it received the permanent digital code 99942.

It has always been the subject of studies, and was in fact the first numbered space object with the possibility of colliding with the Earth. Now a more challenging name than the previous ones is listed next to the number. Apophis comes from the Greek and corresponds to My fatherThe ancient Egyptian god nicknamed the Destroyer. This is the God of Chaos.

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However, a clarification should be provided. Roy A. Tucker and David J. Thulin, co-discoverers of the asteroid with Fabrizio Bernardi, are fans of the science fiction television series Stargate SG-1. In the early seasons, the antagonist was represented by an alien named Apophis who wanted to attack Earth.

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