Ferrari 2024, Project 676, has passed the crash test

Ferrari 2024, Project 676, has passed the crash test

“The first is good” for Ferrari 2024 chassis. Project 676 passed the usual crash test, with testing carried out at the CSI Spa facility in Bulat.

Passing crash tests in December and before the obligatory break for the Christmas holidays – as reported by the Italian edition of – allows you to follow the subsequent stages that will lead to the assembly of the single-seater car, without experiencing any delays.

Two tests of the Red Bull lightweight car

A slightly less linear track than that completed by Ferrari resulted in the Red Bull failing to pass the crash test upon first inspection. A setback for the RB20 project, it is credited with more research into extreme lighting than the RB19, and is already much lighter than the 2022 single-seater.

Ferrari 676, change starts with the chassis

Ferrari which, as we remember, started from a newly designed chassis to overcome the architectural limitations transferred from the F1-75 to the SF-23.

The new chassis, the new rear end and the new suspension are the technical foundations on which the 676 project will have to make a leap forward to bring Red Bull closer. It seems correct to emphasize thisThe Autosprint edition is on newsstands and available here in digital formatIn the preview article for Project 676, we reported the news of the manufacture of the first body, at the stage of assembling additional components (rules, pedals, suspension system, fire prevention system, etc.), Which only happens after approvalin the GES assembly section, but away from prying eyes, As early as December 15thOn the occasion of a press Christmas lunch with Vasseur.

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