“I'm tired, the mission to Rome was almost finished.”

“I'm tired, the mission to Rome was almost finished.”

Thiago Pinto He conducted an interview with The athlete In which he explains his decision to leave Rome He reveals his plans for the future. “I like risks – says the Portuguese. I love challenges. I think the cycle is coming to an end. I'm not talking about the Rome Cycle or the Friedkin Cycle, but the mission I had was nearly complete. Personally, I feel tired. If you only know about soccer, you don't know anything about soccer. Twenty years ago, a sporting director would watch games and sign players. Now it is no longer possible“.

“Bov and Dybala, same feelings”

Thiago Pinto then talks about the work behind the youth sector: “We wanted to select the best players from the youth sector and work on them as if they were first-team players. They will have a psychologist, a nutritionist, and special training. The guys from the communications department will also provide them with media training. “All in order to reduce the gap between the youth and the first team. Nikola Zalewski and Eduardo Bove were part of that group.”. This is how the Giallorossi coach in charge until February 3 reacted to Pov's goal against Bayer Leverkusen in the Europa League: “When I saw that goal, for me it was almost the same feeling as when I signed Paulo Dybala.”

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