Second quarter-final match: Virtus leads 2-0 over Tortona, Venezia draws with Reggio Emilia

Bolognese with the usual Belinelli in a great evening: 22 points for the former Italian. But the best scorer among the Beheira players is Spiso

Virtus takes a 2-0 lead in the series, beating Tortona 83-77 at Virtus Segafredo Arena. Belinelli (22 points) and Cordinier (17) were decisive, and Mikey also performed well, between attack (14 points) and defense. A valuable success for Banshee, Don Shengelia and Dobrik. Bertram is very choppy throughout the forty minutes. Instead, Spissu leads Venice to a draw in the series with Reggio Emilia. In Taliercio, the score ended 83-75 for the hosts. Galway was not enough for the Reggio players, who scored 26 points.

Virtus Bologna-Tortona 83-77

A balanced first half at Virtus Segafredo Arena. Bologna start with good distribution of the ball, finding continuity in attack and defence, as evidenced by the V-Blacks’ 14-0 run. Di Rafael’s men have the advantage of being able to run and close down the breakout lines in defence. At 20 minutes the score was 32-30 to the Banshee men. The top scorer in the first half was Obasohan, who scored 11 points. The second half began with the hosts controlling the tempo of the game better, forcing the visitors into some turnovers. In the last period, Bologna suffered from the emotions of Colby Ross, but then finished the match with Belinelli (22 points in total) and Cordinier. See you Thursday at Bertram’s house for game three.

Bologna Strength: Belinelli 22, Mickey 17, Cordinaire 14

Venice-Reggio Emilia 83-75

In the first half, Venezia was able to manage the pace of the match and took advantage of the offensive blackout from the UnaHotels team, taking advantage of its superiority and achieving a double-digit advantage. At the 20th minute, the Sebahiya team leads 43-29. In the third quarter, Spissu tries to give a final push with a hat-trick. Recently, Galway have been trying to reopen it, bringing Privets’ men back to their possessions on two occasions. Reggio’s baskets No. 9 are not enough for the guests who surrender to Reyer. The series is now tied 1-1, the third game in Reggio Emilia on Thursday.

Venice: Spiso 18, Cabengale 15, Tucker Wiltjer 10

Reggio Emilia: Galloway 26, Weber, Uglietti 9, Black 8

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