The first person to finish Tetris was a 13-year-old boy

What's called “Kill screen» It is a very advanced video game stage, because Programming glitch, it is impossible to move forward. It is considered Maximum level It is possible to access it, because the screen fills with so many icons that the game is no longer playable. In the case of historical corridors Pac-ManThe first person to access the kill screen was… Billy Mitchell in 1999 Prove that the maximum level was 256. But in the case of Tetris, this stage It has never been invaded by any human being. So far.

he is called Willis Gibsonin “art” blue scotty, and it is The 13-year-old American boy Which on December 21 managed to “beat” Tetris. The first person in the history of this game Born in Russia From the mind of an engineer Alexei Pajitonov in 1984. About 40 minutes into the session, the “kill screen” appeared while Gibson was playing music Level No. 157 live feed. He surprised himself and everyone who was following him. It was no accident: the boy, although very young, He spent hours and hours training And study the statistical analyzes provided by the sessions of hundreds of thousands of players over the past four decades.

Tetris arrived in the United States in 1988 And thanks for Game Boybecomes a global hit as well One of the best-selling video games of all time (It's only been beaten by Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto, which are much newer.) For a long time it was believed that the maximum level that could be achieved was XXIX (After scanning 230 to 290 lines of blocks). No one can go further than that. In 2010, it is Thor Aackerlund overtakes him and goes to 30th place. The problem was, in fact, technical: the speed at which the blocks fell became so fast that it was not possible to move the pieces on the playing field in time using the available controller. However, Aackerlung uses a method called «Excessive eavesdropping», which consists of making the fingers “vibrate” with a special grip to allow the controller to move faster. The other players are imitating him, he is getting better and better. It reaches level 146 in 2022, thanks to the new gameplay as well. Only 13 years old Gibson managed to go to level 157, and finally showed the 'kill screen' on the screen.

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