Ferragnese, love at the end of the line? There is an air of crisis between Fedez and Chiara Ferragni – Il Tempo

Ferragnese, love at the end of the line?  There is an air of crisis between Fedez and Chiara Ferragni – Il Tempo

Alice Antico

Here we are in a new episode of The Ferragne Crisis. Will this be the right time? The reason for the rumors this time was Fedez’s behavior with his personal social media accounts. In fact, the rapper didn’t appear on Instagram for days, and we know how he ended up the last time he did something like this. We know very well that Fedez, like Ferragnez in general, is very active on Instagram, usually posting his most daily moments with his children and with Chiara. When that doesn’t happen, and the singer takes a break from social media, something different usually happens in his life. Suffice it to recall when he took a break from Instagram for several days in the post-Sanremo period, last winter: even in this case, users’ hypotheses about the reasons for this choice mostly came back to the breakup with Chiara. In any case, it must also be emphasized that Chiara Ferragni, on the contrary, does not abandon her followers, now as in the past, and has already shared various moments of her vacation in Ibiza and Formentera in recent weeks. However, the thing that makes us turn up our noses is that the digital entrepreneur never really got back together with her husband, in contrast to the fact that her sister Valentina Ferragni and her two children Leon and Vittoria instead appeared in her stories.

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And after nearly 10 days of silence, the rapper finally managed to make a mark for himself yesterday, August 23. Fedez published two sarcastic pictures of little Vittoria with somewhat funny faces, as he usually does when he talks about his children. So there is no out of the ordinary content: but what did not escape the most interested followers was the Instagram story that the rapper posted right after Vittoria’s photos. It is a picture depicting a stone engraved with the words “F*ckother, loveself”, or “F*ckothers, loveself”. This was the starting point for endless speculation about the singer and the couple. Was there a breakup between the two? Why did Fedez decide to return to these screens in such a unique and unusual way? However, there could also be a hypothesis that Fedez simply wanted to spend some meaningful time with his family and enjoy relaxing moments without a smartphone. Which would be more than legitimate. So what will be the truth behind these social movements?

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