January 31, 2023

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Belen Rodriguez pregnant with Stefano Di Martino? I took 4 kilograms of happiness

Belen Rodriguez announced that she gained a few pounds after a flashback with Stefano Di Martino.

Belen Rodriguez And the Stefano Di Martino They returned to being an established pair, and spent the summer together in the company of their son Santiago, their parents who seem to agree to the union, but also alone on romantic vacations throughout Italy. Belin announces that she has gained a few pounds, but there is no pregnancy in sight.

Belen Rodriguez is obese and explains why

Belen Rodriguez And the Stefano Di Martino They are in love more than ever. After she sealed off the relationship with Antonino Spinalbes, of whom her daughter Luna Maro was born, the Argentine showgirl rejoined her ex-husband, and it wasn’t legal because no formal divorce was ever sanctioned, and the spark was vibrated again. The Backfired between Beilin and Stefano He’s held the podium for months and is still excited for all the fans of the couple, curious to watch this seemingly never-ending love, despite the sudden departure and some rumors about Napoli’s infidelity.

While it is rumored to be Compete for La Talpa as hostAnd the belin She showed herself in a bikini in her Ig Stories, revealing that she was light painted. The Argentine girl admitted that she gained 4 kilograms since the beginning of the summer, thanks to the renewed happiness that definitely returned her appetite, and it has nothing to do with the rumors that she wants. pregnant.

only these days, belin Featured on social media Steven With his father-in-law, also assuring the family Di Martino This flashback is very positive, bent on riding the trampoline to entertain Santiago. That must be said belin She’s prettier and brighter than ever since she found love again, and is now poised to gather another personal success with the launch of her new fashion line Mar De Margaritas, a name that honors the very long love story between her parents Veronica and Gustavo.

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