From science by Cortelli Narante to shows for families

From science by Cortelli Narante to shows for families

Iris Estate 2023’s programming intertwines magical novels, documentaries, scholarly encounters, and theatrical performances

For all ages.

For the “Cortelly Narante” performance, organized by the “Fiver Iris” association, a meeting with knowledge will be held on Friday, August 25, at 9:00 pm at the Jabal Hamed Theater. A captivating journey into the life and legacy of Albert Einstein through the screening of the documentary “Einstein Italy”. Professor of Experimental Physics Luisa Cifarelli and Professor of History of Science Sandra Lingeri will exchange views on science, innovation and Einstein’s connection to Italy. The documentary, with costume reconstructions, expert interviews, animations and readings of the original documents, tells of Einstein’s relationship with our country.

Erice Estate 2023 has put together a program of events and shows designed to entertain and engage even the youngest. From art to storytelling, from music to magic, every initiative is designed to capture children’s imaginations.

Thursday 24 August, in the Palazzo Sales square, at 5.30pm, will be The Prince, the Swallow and the Giant, a performance by the Atlantean Theater Company based on two Oscar Wilde fairy tales: The Happy Prince and The Selfish Giant. Artists Emilio Agovalasset and Preziosa Salatino will lead the audience into a world of friendship and solidarity, as they tell the story of an Arab prince, a generous swallow and a giant with an angry personality. Friday August 25th, at 17.30, in the Palazzo Sales, Compagnia Isola di Confine presents “The Complete Family of Pinocchio”, an exceptional interpretation of Carlo Collodi’s “The Adventures of Pinocchio”, enriched with “rhyme”. Pinocchio” by Gianni Rodari. Actors Valerio Apis, Giulia Castellani, Carlo Apis and Claudio Apis bring to life an experience made up of actors, puppets and live music. A marriage of the plot of classic literature and the creative approach of this artistic company.

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These events are part of the Erice Estate Review 2023, organized by the municipality of Erice in collaboration with the Erice Arte Foundation, the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Funierice and with the contribution of various associations and artists.

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