June 6, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Faya: “Spalanzani the injured party, science works for the common good”

(La Presse) “It is time to say enough for violence, in my opinion, a de-escalation is needed, to find a balance without ideologies. Science, as I have said many times, cannot be withdrawn from one side or the other, we are working for the common good. We have Vaccines were crucial, they gave a lot to the world and to Italy, and we repeat that from this point of view, Italy was the best performing country. Now we need to modernize it and this is our goal. All that remains is unjustified violence that harms the citizens above all.” Thus, the Director-General of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases ‘Spalanzani’ in Rome, Francesco Vaia, was on the sidelines of the visit of Minister Roberto Speranza and the Governor of Lazio, Nicola Zingaretti, after threats written No Vax appeared on the walls of the institute. It is “a very dangerous phenomenon that occurred this morning, I thank all my fellow Spalanzani who were injured in this episode of sabotage and perhaps something else. I thank the President of the Region Nicola Zingaretti and Minister Roberto Speranza “and all those who, in these hours, wanted our solidarity with what we represent and not as an institution”, added Vaia .

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