Recharge your balance in 10 minutes? To help science and artificial intelligence

Recharge your balance in 10 minutes?  To help science and artificial intelligence

ROME – Charging electric cars made as easy as refueling cars equipped with internal combustion engines. With this goal, technologies are being developed worldwide that are able to approach this important milestone which is fundamental to the mass electric transition as quickly as possible. On the other hand, long charging times are known to be a real obstacle that prevents many consumers from purchasing a new electric vehicle.

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by Valerio Perotti

Another step toward overcoming this limitation comes from researchers at Idaho National Laboratory who have developed a superfast charging system based on machine learning (machine learning and artificial intelligence), capable of refueling in about ten minutes. “Fast charging is the key to increasing consumer confidence – explained Eric Duvik, in the job show – that it will allow times similar to those used at a traditional service station.” The researchers say charging the lithium-ion batteries that power electric cars is a delicate balancing act. The ions migrate from the negative electrode to the positive electrode, but sometimes, with a very fast movement, not all of the ions make the transfer, which can lead to lithium metal buildup and premature deterioration in the battery.

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by Matteo Morechini

Then the team of scientists developed a way to customize the charging protocol without causing long-term battery damage. The researchers used machine learning techniques to assess and predict the duration of different types of energy by integrating charge data to create unique protocols. “We have increased the amount of energy that can enter the battery cell in a short period of time – Dufek added – this approach allows you to charge more than 90 percent of the battery in ten minutes, without causing the lithium coating or compromising the components.”

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Here comes the free or extremely discounted electric charge pole. Pay for advertising

by Antonio Calletre

The researchers plan to use their model to develop better methods and help design new, improved lithium-ion batteries for fast charging. According to Duvik, the ultimate goal is for electric cars to be able to “tell” charging stations how to quickly and safely operate their specific batteries. The innovative method was just demonstrated during the annual meeting of the “American Chemical Society Acs Fall 2022,” and represents an approach that could facilitate the goal set by US President Joe Biden of having 50% of all cars sold electric by 2030.

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