Ignazio Boschetto admits this: he has finally decided not to hide anymore

Ignazio Boschetto admits this: he has finally decided not to hide anymore

Ignazio Boschetto’s outing gets the media around the world discussing, the Il Volo singer finally decided to come out in the open. That’s what it is.

Ignazio Pochetto Over the years, like Pietro Barone and Gianluca Ginoble, he has often been the protagonist of media attention and gossip magazines. Recently, it is not surprising that various magazines focused their spotlight on the artist, trying to understand what was happening with the cameras in the singer’s life and whether there was a new love or not.

for Ignazio PochettoTherefore, it is time to break the silence and speak with an open heart about his love life.

On stage during the Telemundo Latin Music Awards at the Dolby Theater on October 8, 2015 in Hollywood, California.

Ignacio Pochetto comes out

Over the years of the life of the three artists Flight It has always been tested under the watchful eye of cameras and gossip Since childhood, considering that their career took off “very early”. In the past, we’ve also seen Pietro Baron with Valentina Allegri, the daughter of the Juventus manager, and Gianluca Ginobel happily dealing with a woman far from the world of entertainment.

On the other hand, Ignacio Boschetto has always tried to protect his privacy from this point of view, but after various rumors about his account and private life … Ignazio Boschetto decided to talk about the great love which he has suffered in recent years.

The singer decided to leave

According to what was announced by various gossip magazines, and what was confirmed by itself Ignazio BouchetEven the singer for several years now will be happy in love.

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In particular, it seems that the artist met his partner during the year 2020, to embark on a very important relationship that continues today despite the distance between them. The woman who made Ignazio Pochetto’s heart surrenderFalling in love madly is a well-known face of the international show business. We refer to the famous Brazilian dancer and influencer, Anna Paula Geddeswith whom Ignacio Boschetto lives a very important love story.

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