A young man has been arrested for the murder of the honorary canon of the Valencia Cathedral

A young man has been arrested for the murder of the honorary canon of the Valencia Cathedral

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Spanish police arrested a young man yesterday afternoon on charges of murdering the honorary canon of the Valencia Cathedral. Alfonso Lopez Benitoaccording to the newspaper Levante-EMV. The body was found lifeless with signs of violence on Tuesday at his home in the historic center of the city. The victim would have turned 81 on June 23.

The newspaper says that the detainee is A A young man in a vulnerable position Which the victim often brings home in exchange for money, often sex. According to multiple sources, the honorary canon was searching the street for young people who would agree to go to his house. This was explained to the police by various people close to the priest who testified after the crime.

In fact, the newspaper adds, it is not the first time that conflicts have occurred with these meetings, to the point that the Spanish police and local police were forced to go to the house on more than one occasion. A little more than two years ago, police had to intervene due to an altercation between him and a boy in his early twenties over the disappearance of the churchman's phone.

These conflicts, which caused inconvenience to the neighbours, came to the ears of the archbishop, who requested him not to bring any more weak boys into his house. According to López Benito's account, the intention was always to be able to help them, but the archbishop had to remind him that the Church's way of helping did not include taking marginalized boys into private homes.

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In addition to the murder, the arrested boy is also charged with theft because he stole the priest's cell phone in order to send messages and pretend he was still alive.

The Archbishop of Valencia made himself available to the authorities after learning of the news, in case his cooperation could help clarify the facts.

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