At least one dead and 3 wounded

At least one dead and 3 wounded

In Southern California, in the retirement community of Laguna Woods, a man opens fire in a church, the Presbyterian Church in Geneva. “No one should be afraid to go to their place of prayer,” California Governor Gavin Newsom later said. The incident occurred around 13:30 local time: the rapid intervention of the police allowed the arrest of the suspect and the recovery of the weapon used. One person died on
The five injured were taken to hospital. She reassured the police that they are all adults, explaining that the reason for this insane act is not yet clear.

Shooting at Houston flea market, at least two dead

In Houston, Texas, a shooting near a flea market killed at least two people. At the origin of the tragedy, the quarrel between five men. ABC reports citing Harris County Mayor. Two people died on the spot, and three others were taken to hospital. The balance could have been worse as the Sunday noon market is particularly crowded. Two people are involved in police custody, while a third is in hospital.

The two incidents culminate in a weekend full of horror, with the Buffalo tragedy returning to rock America. Joe Biden will be in New York City on Tuesday: He will take over as consoler before he leaves for Asia.

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