Protest in Mataro to demand ‘final solutions’ to hospital pediatric service problem | tvmataró

Protest in Mataro to demand ‘final solutions’ to hospital pediatric service problem |  tvmataró

The Public Health Advocacy Coordinator of Matarón and Maresme demonstrated on Thursday in front of the Matarón Council to demand that the children’s service be kept at the city hospital after the summer. According to the coordinator, the agreement agreed upon between the doctors and the center’s management is a “correction” and does not solve the real problem: the shortage of pediatricians.

Mataro Hospital will be able to guarantee care for young children because pediatricians have agreed to work 12-hour daily shifts. However, according to the coordinator, the agreed terms will affect the family reconciliation of doctors and will lead to an excessive burden that may interfere with the quality of service. For the coordinator, the problem of the shortage of pediatricians is poor planning.

Bernat Aranio, Member of Public Health Advocacy Coordinator in Mataro-Maresme: On the one hand, we want to denounce the negligence, irresponsibility and lack of political and administrative planning of the Mataro Hospital, the administration, the Consorci Sanitari del Maresme, the Ministry of Health and the Mataro City Council. Mataro, before the situation that had been known since January. On the other hand, seven places had not been announced yet, when they learned that there was a serious shortage of pediatric specialists in Mataro. From this standpoint, we want to emphasize that the lack of resources and personnel is not a new thing. We have been dealing with it for years, because it is a hospital that has been suffering from a lack of funding for a long time and is less than the average corresponding resources. to them by the populations they serve.

The agreement agreed on Wednesday between the doctors and the hospital guarantees the children’s care until July 31. So the two parties will need to meet again soon to determine how the service will be covered moving forward. From the city council, the city’s holistic and health councilor, Laura Seago, evaluated the agreement favorably, although she promised to continue working.

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Laura Seago, City Holistic and Health AdvisorWe give it a good rating because it benefits citizens. Boys and girls in our city and their families will be able to stay in our hospital, where they will be admitted if necessary. This agreement was thanks to the efforts of negotiations and professionals who would end up doing 12-hour shifts to cover the summer period. We are very glad that we have resolved the issue for now. However, we must put our batteries in place and continue working on this so that this does not happen again.

During the march, the coordinator asked the mayor, David Bott, to accompany them to the Ministry of Health and include them on the board of directors of the Maresme Health Union, which is responsible for the Mataro Hospital. For now, this Thursday they mobilized more than a hundred people in Mataro to demand solutions and have already announced that they want to organize new protests.

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