With the expansion of the C-16, “the vehicle funnel will be in the Cade Tunnel.”

With the expansion of the C-16, “the vehicle funnel will be in the Cade Tunnel.”

the Investment 240 million From euro to Renewal of 20.7 kilometers between Berga and Baja It will improve mobility on the C-16 (Lobregat Axis) at the top of Bergueda, the only section that has not been divided. This was confirmed by the affected mayors in Region 7 (Except for Berga, who will be staying next week), who considers the bet on widening the road to be correct Win safety And for Avoid the usual queues of vehicles On the access road to Cerdanya and Andorra via the Cadi Tunnel, which registers between 6,100 and 10,800 vehicles per day and on weekends – especially during the ski season – the number doubles and reaches 20,000 vehicles per day.

According to the mayors of Guardiola de Bergueda and BajaThe new road will not completely solve the problem of congestion on many weekendsA: “With the improvement of the road, there may be more cars and what will happen when they reach the Kadi Tunnel (with one lane on each side)?” The cover will be put there, and if there is a collapse in the tunnel, the queues could reach Baja or Guardiola,” commented Guardiola player Ferran Saiss.

The work will consist of widening the road which will be section-wise Two lanes in each direction or 2+1, With an innovative reversible extra lane system with movable barrier. It also highlights Construction of five new divided tunnels and a bridge in Circus, which will be wider than the current one, which will go into the ground once the other one is built. The new three-lane bridge will be higher and farther from downtown, a fact praised by the city's mayor. Orbisi Malagarega: “We will not have the current vocal impact, which is positive.” He also stressed that between Berga and Serres practically the entire stretch would be a highway.

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Ensure good access

Urbici Malagarriga sees the project positively Which was presented on Thursday by the Minister of the Territory, Esther Kabila, as well “All entrances and exits are resolved correctly And communications with C-16, from Cercs and other centers in the municipality,” he confirms Need to polish the details For the project in this aspect, above all, “direct access from Cercs in the north direction is key, we cannot allow it to go back two kilometers to reach it.” Malagariga wants solutions for some, too Decent access In Rodonella, Sant Corneli and Sant Jordi de Circus. He pointed out that the city council will be present “because we are the longest municipality, about 11 kilometers.”

Also on foot from a C-16, Guardiola de Bergueda We'll take a closer look at the new route, in this case with Link to La Pobla de Lillet and Sant Julià de Cerdanyola This did not completely convince the mayor, Ferran Sais: “It is a difficult knot to untie due to overlapping roads and we do not see it clearly due to the visual impact it will have, however we applaud choosing the less aggressive option.” also She positively appreciates the new connection with Collet and Bagà“These are alternative routes for the C-16 that will enable it to move more peacefully.”

However, improvements to the road network, according to Ferran Sais, must continue Accompanied by other measures to resolve the “regional imbalance”According to the mayor, “the expansion of the C-16 is not enough to give Bergueda a boost, other measures related to services or housing are needed. We do not want to be a main road, we want to be an area with good communications and possibilities.”

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Ferran Saiss took advantage of the meeting with the Minister of the Territory, Esther Kabila, and other representatives of the General State Ask them about the train. “I wanted to know if the possibility of bringing him to Upper Bergueda was being considered? The answer was no.”

Some doubt

The road expansion, which will begin next year and continue until 2030, will reach up to Baja. Mayor, Luis Casas, Any “improvement is welcome,” he stresses. “Although the entire section cannot be a highway, we are looking forward to it.” However, Luis Casas showed himself a bit Uncertainty about deadlines: “If the tender for the first section can be launched in the first quarter of next year as the minister said and the deadlines can be met with the planned budget, we will be happy.” He is confident that the government's general promises will be fulfilled He acknowledges the effort So we can move forward with the project.”

One other municipality affected although not located near C-16 is No de Berguedawhere one will be built The length of the tunnel is 870 metres. Focusing on security issues, the mayor, Josep Maria PixoHe sees it well. In addition to the advantages of being able to join the road directly from the village to head in the north direction. On the other hand, he finds it harmful “not to consider direct access to C-16s in the South.” He regretted that “the general mandate did not present the project directly to us for our contributions. The entire area should have been taken into accountEven if we are not at the foot of the road.”

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