Farewell to Whatsapp on these devices, many Italians will be left without: the date is official

Farewell to Whatsapp on these devices, many Italians will be left without: the date is official

Whatsapp will stop working on these devices. This is where you will soon be unable to take advantage of the messenger.

Whatsapp – LettoQuotidiano.it

days The WhatsApp They were calculated on some cell phones before. The instant messaging app with the largest number of users in the world has announced its application as of March 31 It will stop working On devices with older versions of operating systems.

This means that some of our mobile phones will soon become Outdated. Read on to find out what will happen in detail!

Whatsapp will not be available anymore

This is not the first time that The WhatsApp It becomes unavailable for some devices. Changes are often due to updates to the app’s privacy policies in order to “improve the user experience”.

It also happened on November 1, 2021, when the app actually started crashing on some older devices. Now, WhatsApp has announced that the app It will permanently stop working on some Apple versions.

The WhatsApp
Whatsapp – Lettoquotidiano.it

The previous exclusion may include Android With its versions prior to 4.1, iOS with version 9 and earlier and those prior to KaiOS 2.4.

Now the platform claims to have chosen the mobile phones that have the most software Outdated And with the fewest number of users. However, the advertisement is scary.

Here’s where it stops working

Whatsapp will stop working After October 24, 2022: This is the official date that scares the Italians. This new update will include some models this time Apple iPhone.

In particular, Whatsapp will no longer be available on devices running the operating system iOS 10 and iOS 11.

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Whatsapp will not be available anymore
Whatsapp will not be available anymore – Lettoquotidiano.it

On the other hand, if your smartphone has Apple iOS 12, at this point you can continue to use this software instant message Even on the following fateful October 24 dates.

In particular, the latest models equipped with iOS 10 are Iphone 5 And the iPhone 5C: Therefore, these models will have to say goodbye to Whatsapp, while for the time being the app will continue to be available on iPhone 5S.

The way to find out whether or not this measurement will affect your phone is to check if your device has received the latest Modernization or less.

Whatsapp, as it can no longer be used
Whatsapp, where you will not be able to use it – Lettoquotidiano.it

To do this, just go to your phone’s general settings and look for the option that lets you see its information and features: usually at the beginning or at the end.

From the data shown in this section, the device model, serial number, and Software versionwhich will reveal to you whether you are interested in the update or not.

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