Not just the iPhone SE, this is what Apple will present on March 8

Not just the iPhone SE, this is what Apple will present on March 8

Apple has now officially announced that its next event called peak performance It will be held on March 8 And no more this year, there are many expectations in terms of numbers and quality for the spring event. Very little is known about the tangible and this little comes from “history”: there’s an event this season dedicated to hardware, plus Apple doesn’t hold any event on a single hardware. This has led to a long line of hypotheses revolving around the many products on the board.

Let’s see in detail everything that Tim Cook and all the other Apple executives who will take turns explaining the different devices can offer.

iPhone SE 5G

Apple will almost certainly see its birth The third generation of iPhone SE. this device It should be externally similar (if not identical) to the 2020 version but have an updated SoC(Maybe it’s the A15), 5G support and camera improvements. There is no design renewal for the iPhone SE 3 or iPhone SE 5G: it will remain an ever classic, complete with a front home button with Touch ID. For all the hypotheses on the station you can Read directly at this address.

iPad Air 5

On the very likely occasion, If you are not sure, iPad Air 5 arrivesAnd the which should also have an updated SoC and 5G here; Of the rumors circulating so far, as in the case of the iPhone SE, no changes are expected on the design side. There should be major improvements to the camera. After all, that choice, camera improvements but without big news in other areas, has followed up with the launch of the 9th generation iPad and should be the same that will likely dictate the iPhone SE 2022 renewal.

iPad Air takes the design of the iPad Pro, but with more colors

We may finally see support for 1080p video recording at 25fps and 30fps. The iPad Air 5 is expected to have standard wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle camera lenses as in the iPhone 13. However, sources say the camera will not include a LiDAR scanner like the iPad Pro.

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New Macs

In addition to the smartphone and tablet sector, there will be Probably a room for what’s newc. The wait is long because Apple now needs to introduce the second generation of proprietary chips: i New M2 processors. Note that the M2 processor will be more powerful than the current M1 processor, but less powerful than the M1 Pro and M1 Max processor.

Mac mini

As for Macs, viewing files One or two new Macs They are already Generalization Rumors suggest the mini will arrive with the M1 Pro and M1 Max variants. At this point we should have a Mac mini Pro, and thus a high-end machine, which will feature the same Apple Silicon as the current MacBook Pro. At the same time, Apple is also expected to release a new standard Mac mini with the M2 chip. The premise seems a bit strange. So, for now, we can think that the option is to refurbish the Mac mini with only the M2 chip.

Mac Mini 2020 review with M1 SoC:

MacBook Pro 13 M2

It is also likely that there will be new laptops. In particular you should reach The New MacBook Pro 13 with M2 Chip. This laptop will be sold to complement the 2021 MacBook Pro line that has M1 Pro and M1 Max processors. The design can follow that of the last two models with some options implemented in versions 14 and 16, so Does not include Touch Bar But the HDMi port, Magsafe charging, and SD card reader, too. But there will be neither a miniLED display nor ProMotion technology.

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MacBook Air M2

The MacBook Air was the first Mac with an M1 processor and hasn’t seen a release update since 2020, so it seems inevitable that there will be an M2 processor, that chip will also be housed inside the new MacBook Air. However, it remains to be seen if Apple will present this device to us as early as Tuesday. At stake, there is actually a rumor that Cupertino engineers are working on the MacBook Air Renewed, Magsafe-equipped, and a new design (even with a different-colored case, on the iMac style); At the moment, however, such a massive renovation doesn’t seem imminent.

A futuristic MacBook Air with a colorful case like the iMac M1?
Blue concept for MacBook Air. Photo: Renders by Ian

iMac 27 inch

Current 27-inch iMacs are stuck with Intel processors, a relic of the past that Apple should soon erase. Reports say new It will offer a 27-inch iMac as well as an M1 Pro processor and Max miniLED display with ProMotion technology. Obviously, there will be a new design, ports and functions similar to those of the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros. We can talk about these machines as new iMac Pro If that doesn’t remind us of the unfortunate experience of the black iMac Pro. But the conviction is that it seems difficult for this much-refurbished machine to arrive right away. Easier than what can be revealed in June during WWDC.

According to a leaker, future iMacs will have larger screens than the current 27-inch one

Mac Pro

Apple is also said to be working on a new version of Mac Pro, although at the moment everyone agrees that this car will not arrive as early as March 8, the announcement is possible. Apple used to announce the Mac Pro long before actual availability; The second generation was introduced six months before its actual launch, and the third generation of Mac Pro (the current generation) was also announced in 2018, was introduced in the spring of 2019 and released in December of that year. Although, if a new Mac Pro does arrive, the appropriate stage, as with the iMac Pro, will be WWDC in June.

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iOS 15.4

In addition to announcing new devices, the final version of iOS 15.4. The first betas have already been distributed to developers and beta testers, and the usual testing cycle that will lead to the release of the final version of the new system should be completed within a month. Among the features of this version: Function To unlock iPhone with Fadce ID by wearing a flip cover (You don’t have to wear an Apple Watch), new emojis, and comprehensive control support, Technology that allows you to control multiple iPads and Macs with a single keyboard and mouse.

Upcoming Apple Events

After the March event, Apple’s next big event is expected to be held in June, with the traditional Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC 2022, a conference dedicated to developers, where the first beta versions of future operating systems will be presented and where the presentation of some new hardware products cannot be ruled out. Among the products expected before the end of the year: the new AirPods Pro, the new Apple Watch Series 8 (SE variant included), the new MacBook Air, the iMac, and the Mac Pro.

Where to follow the event

We remind you that the event will be held online and will be followed, in June, by WWDC 2022. The March 8 event can be watched live through the usual channels, and therefore in broadcasts on Apple’s website, on the official YouTube channel and, Of course, on our live stream page, complete with photos, comments and articles in Italian.

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