Transform your garden for spring with old, forgotten things: the neighbors will be very envious

Transform your garden for spring with old, forgotten things: the neighbors will be very envious

Summer is about to start and what could be better than furnishing your garden with unique and attractive touches.

The exterior spaces of a home, especially when talking about a beautiful villa, are extremely important. Those who are lucky enough to have a garden can't help but breathe about their garden Imagination with furnishings and accessories Making it a very welcoming place to spend the first warm days.

In fact, the trend is towards using “dusty and old” things – so to speak – to make your outdoor garden space with A touch of antique and antique. So let's figure out together how to do it and how to get neighborhood attention through organizing A truly charming and welcoming garden, And make it a refuge in the spring and summer.

Shabby Chic: A popular style even in the garden

Green, pink, brown, gray and yellow, these are the colors that triumph in our palette Beautiful garden in 'old' style. But with a touch of elegance and modernity at the same time. In short, there are a lot of ideas for furnishing a space at the same time Recycle old items.

Old things can be a valid addition to the garden (

For example, you can use avatars Old furniture that we may have put in the basement and forgotten about to create a garden seating area. Instead, what is best for arranging the plants? reuse old paint cans, The effect will certainly be very original, since we will create unusual but very beautiful vases.

Then maybe you can too Recycling wooden pallet To ensure that every corner of our garden is carefully decorated and at the same time creates an effect that is very beautiful to look at. Another idea would be to Reuse wooden boxes, the ones that we usually see in grocery stores or at the market, and we probably throw them away. Well, these gorgeous bars can become gods Beautiful containers for our plants Whether it's fresh flowers or succulents, the effect is really quite beautiful.

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And then if you have one old wooden ladder, It can be easily placed in the garden, and you can always hang decorative plants on it, or even other decorative objects, such as an elegant rug. also The chairs can be recycled to stay true to the shabby chic style of our garden. For example, objects can be placed on them, as if they were small support tables.

It's not even missing Nice big tub You can bring the largest plants in the garden indoors and perhaps create a 'pond' effect with small floating water lilies. there are many Metal objects to be recycled And use it as decoration in different areas of the garden. Other ideas? Old window Which to put flowers and Bicycle a little dated To put it in the corner and decorate it with petals and colorful lanterns.

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