EU, another black smoke on Russian oil: embargo deal postponed

EU, another black smoke on Russian oil: embargo deal postponed

No agreement on the Russian oil embargo. It is increasingly difficult for the EU to reach consensus on one of the main points envisioned by the sixth package of sanctions against Moscow. According to the sources, the ambassadors of the member states meeting on the eve of the European summit on May 30 and 31 did not reach an agreement on the proposal to exempt the Friendship pipeline (Drogba) that leads crude oil. To Hungary and the Eastern European Union Countries. Tomorrow, May 30, the 27 leaders will be updated on the developments of the discussion.

“Liberalization of Ukrainian agricultural exports”

The European Council called on Russia to end its attacks on Ukraine’s transport infrastructure to allow the export of foodstuffs and to lift the blockade of the Black Sea ports. This was stated in the draft results of the meeting of the 27 member states, which was held on the eve of the European Summit in Brussels on May 30-31.

capping energy prices

In the document, the leaders not only call for the lifting of the embargo on Ukrainian agricultural exports, but also dedicate an entire chapter to the energy issue where the European Council calls on the Commission “to explore ways with international partners to curb rising energy prices, including the feasibility of the introduction from the ceilings at temporary prices.” Regarding the latter measure, the Commission has already declared that it is available on the condition that it “is an absolute emergency and is linked to an interruption in the supply of Russian gas.” In this regard, the draft refers to the fact that “preparation for potential serious supply disruptions and the resilience of the gas market must be improved.” in the European Union, in particular through a coordinated contingency plan”.

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“Increasing military support in Ukraine”

And in the updated draft of the conclusions, the Council also expressed its opinion on the weapons that will be donated to Ukraine. There is no reference to the armistice but a reaffirmation of the commitment to “strengthen Ukraine’s ability to defend its territorial integrity and sovereignty”. And once again: “The European Council welcomes the adoption of the recent resolution to increase military support to Ukraine within the framework of the European Peace Fund.”

Sixth package of EU sanctions

The draft was sent by the European Union Commission on the eve of European Council To be held on Monday, May 30 in Brussels intends to give member states six months to gradually stop importing oil from Moscow, regarding supplies by sea, and eight months for refined products. This would give the Commission more time for Hungary, as well as substantial help from the scheme’s money RePowerEuBecause you are finding an alternative energy supply, and thus trying to break the deadlock in the negotiations that held for a month the sixth package of European sanctions against Russia for the invasion of Ukraine.

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