From gasoline to highways, 2023 begins with price increases – The Economy

From gasoline to highways, 2023 begins with price increases – The Economy

Prices are increasing on the horizon with the beginning of 2023, especially for motorists. The first increase is actually a price increase fuel, which nine months ago enjoyed a reduction in excise duties first decided by the Draghi government and then also partly confirmed by the Meloni executive. The tendency is not to extend the discount, which leads to an automatic increase in price lists starting from January 1st.

The reduction was applied for the first time in March this year with the approval of Decree bis Ukraine. For both petrol and diesel, the cut was a total of 30.5 cents, at least until December of this year, when the cut was extended by the quadruple Aiuti decree until the 31st of the month but dropped to 18.3 cents. Meanwhile, prices fell, which also led to additional revenues that allowed the government to reduce excise duties (and thus the value-added tax that is charged in addition). Today, according to the latest weekly surveys conducted by the Ministry of the Environment, the average national price for green fuel is 1.625 euros per liter, i.e. its lowest level since June 2021. Instead, diesel has reached 1.689 euros, i.e. its lowest level in a while. Less than one year, to be precise, from January 31, 2022. In both cases, at levels far below those achieved after the outbreak of the war between Kyiv and Moscow.

However, there are also highway tolls at risk. At the beginning of each year, tariffs are traditionally updated, but for four years now, after the collapse of the Morandi Bridge, they have remained frozen. 2023 could see a return to increases, for the first time since 2018. Franchisees have submitted their applications for reconfiguration, which are currently being scrutinized by the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Economy and which must take into account the investments made. On the table are the economic and financial plans of the various companies which, as Eskat explained, are “in various stages of approval”.

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Motorway tolls under the responsibility of Autostrade per l’Italia will increase by 2% from January 1, 2023, with another 1.34% added from July 1, 2023 alone. This was announced in a note by Meta, in which the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure Matteo Salvini explained that there is a risk of “an increase close to 5% avoided” and that the increases in our respective departments are below inflation. Minor roads A24/A25 Rome-L’Aquila Teramo and Torano Pescara: MIT, we read, is conducting in-depth studies to reduce potential.

In the foreground InvoicesAlternatively, updates can be conflicting. For electricity, the Energy Authority just reported a providential decline of more than 19% in the first quarter of the year, but for gas, the trend may be the opposite. While waiting for the Arera connection at the beginning of January, Nomisma estimates a 20% monthly increase due to the trend in international prices at the beginning of December. The pullback that occurred in the past few days, following the Brussels decision on the price ceiling, should in fact be implemented, according to the study center analysis, starting in February. In accordance with the order of the Council of State on unilateral changes to contracts, the Millebrughe Ordinance also made it clear that changes would be possible during the replenishment of supplies. After the ban set by the Aiuti bis decree, for those with an expired contract, increases in electricity and gas costs can arrive, and are still prohibited until June 2023 for all those with an existing contract. The State Council had given its opinion after Irene’s appeal against the antitrust precautionary measures, which were confirmed today “partially”, with a moratorium on unilateral changes in economic conditions.

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