The film stars Jennifer Lopez Star appears in Jennifer Lopez’s new movie

The film stars Jennifer Lopez  Star appears in Jennifer Lopez’s new movie

Star appears in Jennifer Lopez’s new movie/ Netflix

Netflix The film was released last Friday atlasa sci-fi thriller film led by Jennifer Lopez It takes place in an era where robots, spaceships, and artificial intelligence are the order of the day. What no one can expect is that the film is directed by… Brad Peytonalso predicted one future Independent CataloniaAccording to what was seen in one of the scenes of the tape, which sparked a group of comments on social media.

In the film, set in the year 2071, the Puerto Rican-American actress and singer plays a brilliant data analyst who has deep doubts about… artificial intelligence He must participate in a mission to rescue a rebellious robot with whom he shares a mysterious past. But when things go wrong, their only hope of saving humanity from the clutches of artificial intelligence is, paradoxically, to trust it.

In one of the film’s scenes, Lopez’s character appears in a spaceship after an intense battle in the air. When you turn on the device’s default screen, the option appears Select language You see the different languages ​​with the corresponding flag: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Turkish… and Catalan. The point is that the flag that appears next to it is not the flag Signboardbut noStarryA symbol of independence that sparked comments on the networks.

“In the new Jennifer Lopez movie (Atlas), the language of the robot is Catalan with the star. “He has more respect for Catalan Netflix than the Spanish government and the State General… that’s the way things are,” one user commented on X.

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