AC Milan’s real regret is the inability to play on an equal footing with Chelsea: the referee is more decisive than Jorginho | first page

AC Milan’s real regret is the inability to play on an equal footing with Chelsea: the referee is more decisive than Jorginho |  first page

Milan doesn’t regret much about losing twice in 7 days against Chelsea, as much as not being able to play on equal terms. With a stronger team, but perhaps not as strong as a 0-2 score at San Siro would say, after 3-0 at Stamford Bridge. In London absence and a little presumption, here a penalty and an expulsion, after a quarter of an hour indelibly stained the night of the Rossoneri. Because in 10 vs 11 you can win in Italy (Milan did it against Sampdoria), certainly not against a great European player, who is still the world champion..

German referee Seibert is more decisive than Jorginho Which changes the sentence, after Milan’s futile protests. Tomori lose multiple, chases him in vain, puts his hands on his shoulder several times, disturbing him from behind, but the opponent is still able to kick, on Tatarusanu who refuses with his feet. Potter on the bench complains about the show, Mount doesn’t protest, Tomori hopes to be away and instead the referee shoots the penalty and waves red. Honestly, quite a bit. The parcel can be discussed privately for a long time: There was a clear foul and scoring opportunity, the kicking mount and the advantage didn’t materialize, OK on the penalty kick, but the double penalty goes beyond logic and perhaps regulation.

In the first quarter of the hour, playing on par with Chelsea, Pioli freed Theo across the board, and Tomori steadily expanded on the left wing. A move to exploit the French’s acceleration, Potter immediately unleashes a man no less than a mountain who knows that the action that generates punishment and expulsion does not come from here, because instead Theo does not follow the opponent appointed to mark him and when the mountain rushes in search of the door, Tomori is visibly delayed . Could Peuli end up as a prisoner in his trap? He’ll never tell us, but the doubt remains.

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Since then the game has been completely different. Jerrod, is actually in the decline stage of the eleventh consecutive stage for a start, and we must understand that he is missing an opportunity that would not have failed at another time. Abraham’s show is beautiful, and he’s still in great shape (he’s done more in a game and a half more than CDK’s in two months). It’s a flash of illusion, because then the former Aubameyang repeats the goal to goeffectively closing the question, also because Pioli doesn’t wait until the most obvious change interval, and what is the change: within the catastrophe destination From the first leg of Brahim Diaz is better than the Rossoneri until then. A way to rearrange the team 4-4-1 and try to contain the scale of the defeat. The job was also accomplished because in the second half Chelsea clearly lifted his foot off the accelerator: if in London he had quietly won, here he needed only a thread of gas.

What Milan failed to determine was the number of yellow cardsquite a lot in light of the following two critical matches: JerrodAnd the chronichAnd the cageAnd the BubigaAnd the Palo Toure And the TonaliIn addition to the expelled Tomori. It is also a sign of frustration and nervousness. In the second half, before the obvious changes in the championship perspective, a few numbers by Leao, just to make us understand that there was (a sensational foul by Dest, who kicked poorly and high from an excellent position), a dash by Tonali and then everyone wondered how it ended between Zagreb and Salzburg. And this is good news at least: a draw keeps the Italian champions in the race. It won’t be easy, but despite two defeats like this, Milan still have plenty of time to snatch the Round of 16.

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Table AC Milan – Chelsea 0-2 (first half 0-2)

Top scorers: 20 Jorginho pen points (Chi), 34 points Aubameyang (Chi)

Auxiliary: 34′ pt Mount (Che)

Milan (4-3-2-1): Tatarosano; Kalolo, Gabbia; Tomori, Theo; Tonali, Bennacer (from 17’st Pobega), Krunic; Liao, Brahim Diaz (from 38′ pt Dest) Giroud (from 17′ st Rebic). Coach: Bewley. Available: Mirante, Jungdal, Dest, Coubis, Ballo-TourĂ©, Pobega, Rebic, Origi, Messias.

Chelsea (3-4-2-1): Kepa; Chalouba, Thiago Silva, Coulibaly; James (from 17 Azpilicueta) Kovacic, Jorginho, Chilwell; Stirling (from 17′ stLoftus-Cheek) Mount (from 1′ st Gallagher); Obamayang. All: Potter. Available: Petinelli, Mindy, Pulisic, Loftus-Cheek, Proja, Zacharias, Gallagher, Azpilicueta, Havertz, Choquimica, Cucurella.

Reservations: 19′ pt Giroud (Mil), 19′ pt Mount (Che), 29′ pt Sterling (Che), 33′ pt Gabbia (Mil), 36′ pt Krunic (Mil), from 21′ st Pobega (Mil)

Red Card: 18’pt Tomori (Mil)

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