Mourning in the Athenaeum. Rafaela likeness passed away – UniboMagazine

Mourning in the Athenaeum.  Rafaela likeness passed away – UniboMagazine

Science historian and professor emeritus at Alma Mater, with her pioneering studies she was one of the most important and important voices in the history of Italian science

She died on Wednesday, August 10, at her home in Bologna Professor Raffaella as, Emeritus of the University of Bologna where he has taught the history of science for more than twenty years. The historian of science, with her pioneering studies, was one of the most important and important voices in the history of Italian science.

scientific reseach By Raffaella simile, since its beginnings, it has had a clear international dimension. At the center of his work was the philosophy of science in Great Britain between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with studies that enriched the image of Italian scientific epistemology. The interest in Anglo-Saxon culture never failed, but gradually extended to other issues with particular attention to Italian science, to its protagonists, including such eminent personalities as Quintino Sella, Federgo Enrix, and Vito Volterra, to the institutions of scientific studies and research. Post-unification politics, surrounded by a strong interest in scientific publishing methods. In this way, Professor S.A. Vicino demonstrated the importance of an approach in which more rigorous scientific ideas are incorporated into a political and social context. Innovative production of business on The role of women in science.

She was the founder and promoter of the first online Italian biographical dictionary for women in science in Italy from the eighteenth to the twentieth century,”science in two partsHe conceived and designed a Documentary about Laura Basseythe first woman in the West to attain a university chair in 1732, followed by another documentary on Albert Einstein’s deep scientific, personal and political relations with Italy.

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Over the course of his long career, he has done important organizational work and accomplished many tasks National and international awards. She was a life member of Clare Hall College, Cambridge (UK), a full member of the Academy of Sciences at the Institut Bologna and at the International Academy of Sciences in Paris; He was a member of the editorial board of the prestigious scientific journals of the history of science in Italy and abroad such as “Physis”, “Nuncius” and “Notes and Records of the Royal Society”, London. Italy was represented on the Executive Board of the European Science Foundation, and in the International Union for the History and Philosophy of Science, Division for the History of Science, where she was First Vice-President. She was first vice president, then president of the Italian Society for the History of Science, and an elected member of multiple advisory committees of the National Research Council including the Bioethics Committee; She was appointed by the Presidency of the Council in the Steering Committee for Research Evaluation (CIVR) and was a member of the National University Council (CUN), on the Council of UMAC/ICOM (Museums and University Collections/International Council of Museums, Paris). In the 1998-2001 triennium, she was seconded to the Interdisciplinary Center “Beniamino Segre” of the Academia Nazionale dei Lincei.

Raffaella simile leaves her two daughters, Maria Carla and Maria Letizia, and her husband, Professor Walter Tega. But she also leaves an indelible memory in her students and collaborators who have had the honor of meeting her over the years.

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Academic Award Ceremony will be held Friday August 12 at 12in the Bulgari church of Archignacio (Piazza Galvani, 1 – Bologna).

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