Famous Island, Patricia Bonetti Disappeared: Forced to …

Famous Island, Patricia Bonetti Disappeared: Forced to …

What happened to Patricia Bonetti, one of the outcasts of this edition of Isola dei Famosi? After the first episode, the influencer literally disappeared from reality, but why? The reason for this is due to the dangerous trial by fire that took place last week, which would have forced her to retire.

There is a riddle aroundFamous Island It is related to the influencer Patricia Bonetti. After the first episode in which she was presented as the new Forsaken Reality, the influencer literally disappeared from the beach and was no longer involved in the live action: But why? to explain whyAbsenceIt was Elari Blasey, who revealed how Patrizia Bonetti was brought in Infirmary.

In fact, to make his entry on Playa de los Couples Patricia Bonetti I had to endure fire test Collide Roberta Morris. At last it was the second, after five minutes spent in front of the nearly touching flame, to invade the place associated with it. blind, As for the Patricia Bonetti There was a chance to go up Playa Sajamada. But for her, the adventure did not go as expected…

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Celebrity Island: Patricia Bonetti Retired?

Patrizia Ponte Famous Island -2-2

This was admitted by Elari Blasey Patricia Bonetti, After you bring them Infirmary, She was ready to resume her sinking adventure by getting bogged down, but something went wrong. According to some rumors influencer would have had to Leave Honduras and back to Italy after burns mentioned to fire test:

Many onlookers wondered what happened to Patricia Bonetti on the famous island. We can exclusively reveal to you that the influencer during the trial by fire in Honduras reported some of them burns and stay Back to Italyand give up the game permanently.

No confirmations have been received at the moment from the official channels ofFamous Island And maybe we should wait for Monday’s episode to find out more: Really patty bonetti had to Leave the reality show? We’ll see if there will be any official communications from production!

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