Employees grow in February

Employees grow in February

Istat data on youth employment arrives for February 2022, which shows how there has been an improvement in the overall situation. However, temporary contracts and the self-employed are on the rise, attesting to the fragility of the sector: let’s dig into the question and see what the data tells.

Although slight, signs of improvement are on the way regarding The job market in Italy, with a significant decrease in the number of the unemployed, especially in the age group below 25 years. The The unemployment rate for those dropped to 24.2%. According to Istat data, it has improved by 8% but still puts us among the last places in the world rankings.

What can be done to improve the situation?

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As usual, Istat provided its search data, in this case linked to job market. The situation in February 2022, if compared to January 2021, shows a much larger number of employees than until 850 thousand job opportunities. This number attests to an almost complete recovery after the shock of the pandemic.

However, not all that glitters is gold: of the total number of employees, there are about 3 million and 200 thousand temporary workers, the highest number since 1977. Italy remains in line with EU values ​​regarding temporary contracts. Unspecified, with 14% of the total.

Youth work: how is the situation?


Let’s see now what the situation is regardingYouth employment under the age of 25. In this case, there is less jubilation, as the data shows a significant improvement, but not enough to move Italy from the bottom of the international ranking. The unemployment rate for this group is 24%, worse than only Greece (31.1%) and Spain (29.8%).

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Germany, for example, which is particularly distinguished, has a percentage of under 25 not employed at just 5.7%. Professionals will have to make sure to increase the attractiveness of young graduates and recent graduates to the world of work, to revive youth employment sector.

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