The trick to speeding up your iPhone: This way it will be more usable

The trick to speeding up your iPhone: This way it will be more usable

Maybe no one ever told you, but there is a very useful trick that will allow you to speed up your iPhone once and for all.

In a world that requires us to be faster and more efficient to keep up with the craziness of everyday life, having your electronic devices always with you is undoubtedly a huge help. Let’s think about how to do this Smartphones, computers, and tablets are able to speed up and simplify most tasks Which we do every day.

Revealing a trick to speed up the iPhone –

From sending an email to sending a voice message, not forgetting online searches. Obviously, these are only the most obvious examples, but the list could actually go on. But the problem is that sometimes Even the latest devices can slow down From a variety of different reasons. In this regard, today we want Reveals an infallible trick to speed up your iPhone. Once you try it, you won’t want to give it up.

The trick to speeding up your iPhone: It will turn into a chip!

If you have noticed it Your iPhone isn’t fast enoughBefore immediately contacting the technician, you can try to do some simple activities that may help you solve the problem. First, make sure that your memory is not full or that you have any pending updates that have not yet been downloaded.

The solution to speed up the iPhone
How to speed up your iPhone with an infallible trick

Once this is done, there is also another A trick that will allow you to make it more usable your Apple device with just one click. Not everyone knows this, however The iPhone gives you the ability to adjust what is called touch. That is, the time it takes to activate the context menu by long pressing your finger on the screen.

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Thanks to these details, you will be able to save valuable time. Let’s see how to proceed. First, go to Settings and select the “Accessibility” item. Next, tap Touch and then Haptic Touch. In the screen that opens you will find a new item: “Default”. Previously, there were only “Short” and “Long”, but with iOS17 this aspect has been improved as well.

Anyway, going to Short touch adjustment Your iPhone will become much faster instantly. However, if you want to slow everything down, just choose the long touch. So, if your goal is to speed up your phone, we suggest that you do not leave the “Default” setting, but rather choose “Short”. Easy, right? Surely now you know too You’ll never stop using this simple but effective trick.

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